The movie Who Framed Roger Rabbit? (1988) not only brought huge success to the distributor company Touchstone Picture, brought American animation to a new era, most importantly, it brought us one of the hottest cartoon characters of all age – Jessica Rabbit. She is the sexy symbol, everything about her is just sexy.

Check out what we have collected here and see how Jessica shines in her featured red evening gown and with her notable red hair. She’s not bad, she’s just drawn that way; even if she is bad, we would still love her. And, no matter how much Roger Rabbit makes her laugh, I still think Jessica is too good for him.

Design by Tuyet Le Nguyen

Design by Whatyawant

Design by Dennis Budd (Left), Khary Randolph (Right)

Design by Stephanie (Left), Sakura Studio (Right)

Design by Diane Özdamar

Design by Pandoras Pride (Left), Paul Jaworski (Right)

Design by Zambi

Design by Eireen (Left), Siya (Right)

Design by Chikinrise (Left), Arie Monroe (Right)

Design by Wendy Chew

Design by Emily Jayne Weber (Left), Jeffery Scott Campbell (Right)

Design by Maureen Seng (Left), Meghan Murphy (Right)

Design by Chikinrise (Left), ReiQ (Right)

Design by jaxpixeloo