If you’re bored with the fonts available on your Mac or PC, or are just as angry about Papyrus as Ryan Gosling in the SNL short about the movie Avatar’s use of that reviled font, then it’s time to check out some new ideas in fonts. Check out our list of cool new fonts that are available for free.


If you dabble in t-shirt design, logos, badges, or posters, you should check out Gritstone, a loopy font with heavy characters. Canadian firm Pixel Surplus is the team behind the font, which is free. Download it on Behance now.

FS Irwin

Many designers have been inspired by Helvetica, which became famous and popular after it was used as the font for the New York City subway. Boutique foundry Fontsmith used Helvetica as the jumping off point for its brand new font, FS Irwin. The clean, legible font is pure, with nice angles and open terminals. These small flourishes add just enough to prevent the font from looking too plain. The font is available for £180 for the family of 12 fonts at Fontsmith’s website.


This font is named for famed artist and activist Gilbert Baker, who designed the rainbow flag. Baker passed away in 2017, so the design team at Ogilvy New York teamed up with Fontself and multiple LGBT organizations to dream up a new font in his honor. The font’s palette is clearly inspired by the rainbow flag, as well as the popular colors of the era whence the flag was born. The font is free and comes in a color font and a standard vector font. Download it on Type with Pride now.

Adam.CG Pro

An exciting update to Futura, Adam.CG Pro is from the musician and designer Shrenik Ganatra. The font’s light version is part of a larger family of fonts that are available for commercial download, with a fee on Behance.

Zilla Slab

Mozilla rebranded and redesigned its logo for 2017 and now the font used to give it the makeover is available for free. Typotheque designed the new style, which is based on its own slab serif font, Tesla. It added more curves and italics, giving the font a professional feel and easy readability.


Swiss graphic designer Danilo De Marco created Aganè as a tribute to several of his favorite fonts (like Noorda Font, FF Transit and Frutiger). The font is designed with legibility in mind, as the font is intended to be used for wayfinding signage. User interfaces would also be well served from this clean font, which is now free for commercial and personal uses. Download it on Behance.



Attention Etsy creators, crafty bloggers and others who like to make things with a personal touches, Leafy is is for you. This is an all-caps brush font created by Latvian design agency Wild Ones Design. And it’s free for commercial and personal uses at WILDTYPE now.



Branded as “the new free font with a Russian soul,” Arkhip is inspired by the old USSR and Cyrillic. It’s available in Latin and Cyrillic. The design team includes Ivan Klimov, Irina Dementieva, Alexei Tikhonov Dominic Maslik, Nastya Bushkova, Karina Sakhauva and Igor Kzznetsov. Download it on the official site now 

Ginora Sans

Ginora Sans could be a new go-to font for graphic designers specializing in logo design. Brazilian designer Matheus Gomes came up with the font, which is accentuated by full circles, quirky angles, and plenty of space. It is free for all uses at Behance.


Bulgarian designer Mirela Belova specializes in geometric design inspired by her degree in mathematics. Her new font Cheque is no exception to the rule, featuring geometric shapes that somehow pack a vintage punch. The font is free for everyone and is at Fontfabric