The brand creators and designers always look for inspiration from their surroundings, and they get it from lives, environment, work from others, emotions, and more. Creating fresh and inspiring designs and works is the identity of every brand developer or designer. However, they often face the crisis of drained creativity due to various factors, which make their works repetitive or uninspiring.

Therefore, the creative artists always try to recharge their creativity in various forms. If you are a designer or brand specialist, the best option to get more ideas and wide area of thinking is reading some thoughtful designer or branding inspirational books. It can teach us new techniques, open doors to new possibilities, and more. Here is a list of books that can enhance your designing and branding skills.

  1. Designing Brand Identity

The book written by Alina Wheeler describes the branding process comprehensively and provides a five-phase process that is universally accepted for creating differentiation and brand recognition. The latest edition – fourth edition – gives current trends in social media, global markets, and provides better insights about branding.

  1. Designing B2B Brands

It is a book written by Carlos Martinez Onaindia and‎ Brian Resnick, and it has highly helpful information and tips for creating a global brand platform. It gives step by step guide to create a global identity. The book provides a detailed case study on the branding process of Deloitte to help you understand the branding strategies.

  1. Kellogg on Branding

The book from the reputed Kellogg School of Management revolutionizes branding process through practices, theories, and latest branding insights. It is a core book that teaches all the fundamental of branding process including brand positioning, extending the brand, establishing, building a brand-focused organization, and efficient measurement of brand value.

  1. The Hero and the Outlaw

The book is from Margaret Mark and Carol S. Pearson, and it is analyses the advertising and marketing thought processes in consumer, organizational culture, and popular point of view. It focuses on disruptive brand building based on archetypes and explains the strategy of compelling storytelling.

  1. How Brands Become Icons

The book written by Douglas B. Holt explains the connection between branding and culture effectively. Culture conversation is part of every successful brand, and the book explains the process of executing it. It also discusses some of the reputed brands including Nike, Harley-Davidson, Coca-Cola, and more and showcases how they connected with culture.

  1. Logo Design Love

It is a book written by David Airey that focuses on the logo designing procedures and tips. With more logos, sketches, tips to work with clients, case studies, practical information, and insider stories, the book wants to help us design your own logo and make it an enjoyable experience.

  1. Don’t Brand My Public Space

The book from Ruedi Baur and Sébastien Thiery is a critical approach and analysis towards the visual strategies in the brand space. The book narrates the visual essays by sociologists, designers, and political scientists, and that helps people to have some excellent insights into the visual aspects of branding.

  1. Just My Type

The book is from Simon Garfield, and it talks about different types of common fonts, its applications, impacts, and more. Do you want to learn about different typefaces with a story like reading experience? It relates to the designing process greatly and provides a lot of knowledge about fonts and its rich history.

  1. Symbol (Mini)

It is written by Steven Bateman and‎ Angus Hyland, and it discusses the importance of symbols in the branding process. It takes you through various visual languages of symbols and provides its messages, meanings, the category of the visual type, effectiveness and more. It is an excellent reference guide for people who wanted to design logos with symbols.

  1. Contagious

The book from Jonah Berger discusses a lot of actionable things in the branding process. Jonah discusses why some products and ideas get discussed widely? Why some videos and posts become viral among people? It is more of a search towards impactful ways of marketing and branding.


Branding clicks when doing new things or doing differently. For being creative and advanced, branding and designing guides and books are excellent resources. While choosing the books, do not go for two books that discuss the same topic, instead go for a brand-building strategy book, a book about symbols, another book about visual aspects, and so on.