On the market there are tens of thousands of different tools and today we will discuss about the highly appreciated resources that are helping designers every day win new projects, deliver high quality products, save time and stay competitive. Differentiation is extremely important today, in a competition era where lots of difficulties are found every step we made. Below you will find 25 tools that will greatly help you in your projects. We will put here one great idea for you. iGenApps, which is reviewed below, can be used to build phone apps without needing coding skills or spending lots of money. Imagine in how many ways this can be used to extend the capabilities of your product or website. Other great tool is Kohezion which will help you build online database without having programming skills and it’s the easiest solution. Check these 25 resources and share your thoughts with us.

  1. Tailor Brands– Automated Logo Maker and Brand Builder

No matter what kind of image you are looking for, Tailor Brands lets you create unique logos and brands that match what you need. The company’s logo maker uses a combination of templates and DIY design that results in beautiful and effective logos as well as full branding materials that give you a leg up in promoting yourself. To start, you simply have to answer a few questions about design preferences and Tailor Brands handles the rest. With a logo in tow, you can also take advantage of the company’s full suite of branding tools. This includes extensive features for social media including a weekly planner that schedules and pre-makes social media posts for several platforms. You can add more thanks to an easy-to-use Facebook ad and post creator that gives you ready-made images in seconds. Additionally, you can track your brand’s presence on Instagram and Facebook with the company’s brand analytics, which also shows you how visible you are. Additionally, you can create fun holiday campaigns with seasonal logos, and create landing pages in seconds that let people find you and get in touch with you easily. You also receive a brand book, which lets other designer, clients, and partners use your logo properly to ensure your brand is always consistent. If you need a brand for your business, Tailor Brands also gives you branded business cards and decks, presentation templates, letterheads, and even EPS files to add your logo to branded materials and swag. With a monthly subscription of $2.99 for basic and $10.99 for the full service, Tailor Brand gives you beautiful designs and unique branding in seconds.

  1. iGenApps – Build Your Phone App Without Any Coding Skills

iGenApps is the number 1 App builder, leading the App revolution that will help everybody have their powerful and professional mobile app without spending a fortune and hiring app developers. This excellent and super-simple to use app builder does not require you have any special knowledge or programming skills and excellent results can be achieved in minutes, not months. It has a powerful, patented wizard building process that will guide individuals and businesses step-by-step create content-driven Apps on the go, directly from their smartphone device. Your custom Apps will work on Android, Apple and Windows Phone Devices. It’s the future, exactly like WordPress and website builders were at their time, now everybody using them for their website projects. iGenApps will empower all the apps, being a quick, professional and budget-friendly solution. They can help you submit your apps to Apple and Android stores for a small cost. Build an app with iGenApps and connect yourself with your customers, fans, and followers.          

  1. Kohezion – Online Database Software

Kohezion is an advanced and complete business management software giving you the power to quickly build your own custom web-based application without any programming. You can build you apps quickly and hit the ground running with it. No need to spend a lot of time and effort on traditional development projects.   Using this platform you can create the applications you need to better manage your business data, replace legacy systems that are slowing you down, implement a brand new solution with a better alternative to spreadsheets and much more. No Programming skills are required, it is a cost-effective solution and you can expect a fast turn-around. Turn chaos into order with Kohezion.   They offer a Free Forever plan and pricing starts from $50/user/YEAR, for a complete solution. If you don’t have time to build it yourself, Kohezion’s team can do it for you at a reasonable price.  

  1. Visme

Communication efforts today require a heavy investment in visual content. Are you and your team prepared to meet this demand? Allow Visme to be your primary tool to address your visual content needs.   Whether it be an image for a social media posts, or professionally done slides and infographics for a presentation, reports, and charts, Visme was built to be used by non-designers to create a variety of content.   Visme can give the flexibility users need to create their own custom layouts. You can even include interactive content in your projects, such as video, audio, maps, surveys, quizzes, and polls. You can also publish and share your content, either through your website or your social media, or download your works as an image, PDF or HTML5 file. Visme also includes adding password protection to your projects for privacy.   Visme is available to everyone for free. Paid plans are also available starting at $10 a month, and these can give you access to premium design options and the ability to control your own branded assets.  

  1. Ultra Theme

Made by Themify, one of the most important WordPress theme developers, Ultra is a complete solution that comes with 11 add-ons, 60 gorgeous pre-design layouts and an excellent drag-and-drop builder that will help you create unlimited websites from scratch or fully customize the templates. The price is $49 for the standard license.                      

  1. Codester

Codester is a fast-growing marketplace for web designers and developers where you can buy and sell everything related to the web – themes, plugins, PHP scripts, codes and much more. There is a special section named “Flash sale” where you can buy products with 50% discount for limited periods.                        

  1. GrapeCity – JavaScript Solutions

GrapeCity JavaScript solutions have 2 components: SpreadJS and Wijmo that can help you build basic websites, full enterprise apps and Excel-like spreadsheet web apps. All their JavaScript components include first-class Angular support. Wijmo also includes support for AngularJS, React, and Vue.js. Check their website, it’s the best JavaScript solution on the market.

  1. Themefuse

ThemeFuse is among the best WordPress theme creators on the internet, having a huge collection of more than 45 templates that are packed with tons of options, latest technologies, and features. With $99/year you will have access to all their themes, full support, and updates. Use this code BLKFRY2017 and get 70% discount.      

  1. Blaskan WordPress Theme

Made by Colorlib, a powerful growing WordPress theme developer, Blaskan is a free super-simple yet professional theme that can help you build projects for food, business, personal, blog or other scopes. Build a new website with Blaskan.                      

  1. VectorStock

VectorStock is an impressive marketplace with almost 8 million images that can be resized to fit any needs. Web designers, developers, and web professionals can literally find everything they are looking for. 160,000 pictures are free to use. Browse VectorStock and get whatever you need.                      

  1. WordPress Website – Hosting, Plugins, Customization

wpKube is a WordPress theme developer and a great resource website for this platform. They have made the most complete guide to building a WordPress website covering absolutely all the aspects: themes, hosting, coupons for getting the best offers and much more.                        

  1. Host-Tracker.com

Host-Tracker is a great website monitoring service that will instantly let you know when there are problems with your website, via SMS, Hangout, Skype, Email and other methods. They have a great feature for your AdWords campaign that is automatically pausing and then reopening if any troubles with the site are detected. The pricing starts at $5/month and they are offering 50% discount for new customers using this link.

  1. 48hourslogo

Many times we need a great logo design, fast and without spending lots of money. 48HoursLogo is one of the best logo design platforms where you can launch a contest with $29 and have web designers compete to send you the best logo. The results are great, give it a try.    

  1. Sentree Managed Hosting with WordPress Maintenance

Sentree offers some of the most advanced hosting solutions on the market, packed with the latest technologies and features. The pricing starts from $35/month and if you pay for the whole year, you will get two months for free. All their plans include clustered servers to improve performance, allow growth, and reduce downtime. Sign-up for their plans.                                

  1. MedZone Lite: Free Medical WordPress Theme

MedZone is a free, professional and gorgeous medical WordPress theme that can be a good fit for any kind of topic related to the medical area. MedZone offers enhanced post format support so that you can easily share video, audio, galleries, quotes, and more. Each format is designed specifically to highlight each type of media. It is packed with lots of features, download it for free and start using it.

  1. Superb Website Builders

SuperbWebsiteBuilders is a reputable web resource, which provides up-to-date information about the most trusted and popular web building tools available on the web nowadays. The service comes with informative reviews of website builders, their comparisons, and articles that cover an essential web design topics. This information can further be used to select the best website builders to come up with the needs of users.

  1. Landing Pages by Lander

Lander is the most advanced landing page software that will quickly boost your website conversions. They put lots of gorgeous landing templates at your disposal that can be fully customized with their powerful built-In editor. The pricing starts from $16/month billed annually and they have a 14 day free trial period.

  1. WordPress Themes by wpkube

wpKube is a new WordPress theme developer that is investing massively into crafting themes with terrific attention to details. All of their templates are fully responsive, mobile friendly and can be installed and customized in minutes. Browse their portfolio and pick what is best for you. The pricing starts at $49 / theme.

  1. MailMunch Squeeze Pages

MailMunch is a great landing page software that will help your website heavily increase conversions. It is packed with the latest technologies and features. MailMunch is having lots of beautiful and professional landing page templates that can be customized with the built-in editor. They are offering a free forever plan with basic features included and the pricing starts from $15/month.

  1. Pixelo.net

Made by designers for designers, Pixelo is the best deal website on the market. These guys are working hard to be in touch with the most important world wide web designers so you can have absolutely the greatest deals at your disposal. Every month they have a special bundle. Check the November bundle, it’s excellent.

  1. Userlytics.com

Userlytics is among the most advanced user testing platforms on the market, has a lot of unique features, and is particularly helpful when conducting iterative and fast turn around usability and UX testing. Pricing starts from $49/participant, and includes a unique task based branching logic capability, with picture-in-picture video recording.  

  1. Uncode WordPress Theme

Uncode is a pixel-perfect creative multiuse WordPress theme designed with terrific attention to details and performances. It is fully responsive, mobile friendly and can be installed and customized in minutes. The price is $59 and it includes 6 months of support.    

  1. Goodiewebsite – Web Development Service

Goodie is a great web design agency with more than 10 years’ experience on the market. They have a unique approach to doing things, designing websites for small companies with terrific attention to details. They are asking for a fix of $999/website and even super-simple websites will be outstanding.                              

  1. Invoiceberry.com

InvoiceBerry is a great invoicing platform for freelancers and for small & medium businesses. It is packed with lots of features (multiple currencies and languages, track expenses and much more). They offer a free forever plan and the pricing starts from $15/month.

  1. io – Email Editor

EmailMonster is the most advanced email editor that has gorgeous templates which can be fully customized with their powerful built-in editor. They are offering a free Black Friday email template. Conclusions Always keep in mind that some tools are better than others and you will benefit a lot by using the best of the best. These solutions are highly appreciated by web designers and developers and you should give them a try.