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22 Secrets Disney World and Disneyland Do Not Want Their Guests to Know

Disney is one of the biggest companies in the world. It runs a TV network (ABC), it has parks in America, France, Japan and China, and runs resorts, vacation clubs, cruises and tours all over the world.

With a company that massive, can anything really be a secret? It sure can! Disney goes to great pains to keep some of its secrets far away from prying eyes.


Why? Well, on the more positive side, the company is dedicated to keeping the Magic alive. It genuinely wants guests to have the best, most immersive experience possible, so it doesn’t want you to know exactly how the Magic is made.


On the more negative side, Disney is no different than any massive international corporation. It wants to have as much control over its image and its profits as possible, and it pulls out all the stops to make sure it controls its destiny.


22. Human Remains Shut Down the Haunted Mansion


Even sad things happen at Disney World. In the days after the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks, security was high at Disney. One day on the security film, employees spotted someone dumping a powdery substance on the Haunted Mansion attraction. The country had just gone through the anthrax scare, so everyone was on high alert.

The ride was immediately evacuated, and people wearing HAZMAT gear swept over the scene. It turned out the powder was actually human remains. The family who had dumped out the ashes were there to honor their child who had passed away. The child’s favorite ride was the Haunted Mansion, so they wanted to scatter ashes in memoriam. The Disney officials allowed the ashes to remain.