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15 Amazing Celeb Moms After Pregnancy!




Many women feel pressure to get back into shape after having a baby, and celebrities are no different. Society needs to get a reality check and realize it’s insane to expect a new mom to get her pre-baby body back when she has a little creature to raise. Not to mention, it is absolutely amazing what the body can do during pregnancy–the woman is literally creating a life.

Although it’s important to maintain a healthy lifestyle to see your children grow up, it’s not always easy to get back to feeling like you’re yourself again. Somehow, someway, the next fifteen women have bounced back so well that we thought we’d share their secrets in case you need some motivation! These women are all body-positive, meaning they embrace loving and accepting your body for what it can do for you, not just what it looks like–they all believe in health over appearance and have embraced the changes in their bodies after giving birth.

No one says getting in shape is easy, but it doesn’t have to be hard, it just takes a little dedication and determination. Knowing the workouts and eating patterns of some of Hollywood’s most fit women can’t hurt right? There’s definitely something on this list that will help you on your health journey, and you might even notice a pattern in their advice…

15. Blake Lively


You may know Blake Lively from her starring role in the CW’s Gossip Girl’s, which aired from 2007-2012, or because she is half of one of Hollywood’s hottest couples, but either way she is widely recognized for her killer bod and incredible fashion. The young mom of two always steals the attention of everyone on the red carpet, pregnant or not. The 28-year-old actress says she keeps her physique by avoiding all processed foods and stays active–she makes it sound so easy.