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20 Nickelodeon Secrets That The Producers Never Wanted You To Know

Image: The Odyssey Online
Image: The Odyssey Online


Nickelodeon has been THE channel to go to for quality children’s entertainment for decades. From its humble beginnings in 1977, the channel has grown into a wide variety of entertainment blocks that span across the week. From Nicktoons to movies to Nick Jr., the network now has offerings for young children all the way through pre-teens. Who hasn’t spent an afternoon with “The Rugrats” or attempted to get out of another crazy predicament with “Drake & Josh”?

However, just like the Disney Channel, it seems not all is as squeaky clean as Nickelodeon likes to lead their viewers to believe. Over the past ten years, the network has been dealt with plenty of scandals and it seems this fun children’s channel has some serious problems boiling up behind the scenes. Who could forget Drake Bell’s nude photos leaking online or him getting arrested on drinking and driving charges? There was also the anti-semantic scandal that plagued “The Rugrats” where it was believed that Grandpa Boris was designed to reflect Nazi posters that depicted the Jews back in the 1940’s. As you can see, Nickelodeon has dealt with its fair share of bad press.

Although, it’s important to point out that sometimes the bad press was self-inflicted and Nickelodeon did share some of the blame. For example, “The Legend of Korra” was completely mishandled by the network due to their lack of interest in a follow-up to “Avatar: The Last Airbender.” Despite the show receiving critical acclaim, they gave the animated series horrible publicity, feuded with the showrunners and aired it at infrequent times. Of course, this led to an audience decline, which resulted in the final episodes being aired online-only.

Nickelodeon continues to provide quality programming to this day; however we’ve dug up some of their most shameful secrets that we know will make you think twice about letting your kids sit down for a night of “family” entertainment with Nick at Nite.

Here are 20 scandals we know will have you raising an eyebrow, although we’re sure there are more tucked away in Nickelodeon’s vault.