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20 Things To Know Before Your Next Tattoo

For a very long time tattoos were somewhat taboo. Now this came between a time when they were a part of many societies, especially tribal, and the current increase in popularity. Somewhere in the last few centuries, tattoos were saved for warriors, clans and outliers of society. Today, though, tattoos anything but uncommon. Chances are, if you know someone in their 40s or younger, you know someone with a tattoo. It may not always be visible, and many are often surprised by those that have them, but they have become works of art, with entire communities sharing their latest ink.

There is an apprehension that comes with getting a first tattoo for many, as it it something exciting, and at the same time foreign and nerve wracking. This article will help you through the rough waters of what to know, what to look for and what to think about before getting your first tattoo. Keep in mind that this is an art form and not all artists are equally skilled. There is also a boom in shops, so do your shopping and visit a many shops as you need to feel comfortable with your choice.

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A tattoo is permanent, which we will talk about more later, so don’t get a tattoo just to get one. There are plenty of horror stories out there, which could have been prevented, but know that many of those stories come from inexperienced customers and shops. Safety is key, and there are a few steps, which we will discuss later, to ensure that you are getting a safe tattoo. Don’t be afraid to get what means something to you, this isn’t something that you will show off most of the time, it is something personal, a memoir of a moment or a belief that you should get for you and only you. With all that said, here are the 20 things you need to know before getting your first ink. Just be prepared for the eventual addiction to getting more.