Workers Uncover This Secret From 1800s Found Buried Beneath A Building (and 10 Other Incredible Finds) – News
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Workers Uncover This Secret From 1800s Found Buried Beneath A Building (and 10 Other Incredible Finds)



As much as we like to think that we have explored our own planet extensively, the truth is that we know very little of what lay just beneath our feet. While we are constantly making new discoveries in our universe, it is right here at home that we still have much left to explore. Our knowledge of what our oceans hold are no more than a drop in a bucket. That isn’t to say we aren’t constantly discovering new things, but in our everyday lives we forget how much history is left to be uncovered.

It seems a few times a year a huge discovery is made which changes what we expect of our own world. At one point we thought nothing could live near the bottom of our oceans. We were wrong. We have constantly made statements about what could and could not exist and were quickly proven wrong. There is a magic to these incredible finds, an excitement that fills the air. But when we get down to it, it is another piece of our short story here on Earth. One that, in the grand scheme of things, is nothing more than a click of the second hand on a clock. To us, finding something from the 1800’s seems ancient, yet put into perspective, it is no more than few generations past that your own family was alive in that period.

There are also discoveries that leave us in wonder, that can’t be explained. Ones that aren’t historical in nature, but possibly point to our future. It all comes together to tell our story in a way we never expected. A story we did not know we could tell and a story we are still writing. Following are just a few pieces of our own story, a few amazing discoveries that tell us more about the world we live in, and possibly answers to some of the mysteries we have been trying to solve since the dawn of time.