Hikers Go On 12-Hour Trek To Rescue Abandoned Dog – News
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Hikers Go On 12-Hour Trek To Rescue Abandoned Dog

Looking at the mountains in Taiwan you can see a beautiful landscape, but hiking them is quite a challenge, even for the skilled adventurers. However, for people that have never done this, it can be very dangerous. But when it came to saving an abandoned dog, Seán McCormack didn’t care about the long journey he had to make to help get the pup.

Thankfully, his friend Ross Tweedie knew more about hiking and accompanied him on the steep mountain. They documented their 12-hour long journey, and it’s quite an adventure!

20. Saving Animals In Need


Sean McCormack is the founder of Animals Taiwan, a rescue organization that is based in Taipei. He has devoted his life to saving and helping animals in need. And whenever he is called about a case, he always tries his best to help.