20 Times Clown Sightings Were Creepy, Scary or Ridiculous – News
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20 Times Clown Sightings Were Creepy, Scary or Ridiculous

Clown sightings are occurring en masse throughout the world. While some of the clowns are simply people playing a fun prank, still others are a bit more creepy in their intentions, especially if you consider they’re wearing a mask. The rash of clown sightings first started in August 2016 and now there are plenty of locations with their own creepy clowns, with the trend reaching as far as the UK. The clown sighting craze has affected professional clowns’ business, as they’re finding it hard to find legitimate work at birthday parties and other events.


Do you really blame anyone for being scared of clowns that stare at you menacingly in the woods? Nothing could be scarier; just look at the movie It. Perhaps one thing that could be just as scary as Pennywise is the idea of a clown with a gun. Police in Phoenix, Arizona arrested two teens who used a clown disguise to rob a fast-food restaurant. The teens allegedly held up workers at a Taco Bell, and were apprehended because they were caught on camera in their disguise. Creepy? Yes. Smart? Not really.