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Employees Cringe Whenever Customers Order These 20 Disgusting Menu Items



It should come as no surprise that in a world made up of a wide variety of cultures and cuisines, that some dishes may just not sit right with some people. While Americans may scoff at the French and their escargot, we’re sure they aren’t too keen on digging into a McDonald’s Triple Cheeseburger. However, beyond these basic staples, some restaurants take things a little too far with their dishes, thus creating some of the most disgusting menu items around.

Take Pizza Hut for instance, who desperately tries to use innovation to make new types of stuffed crust pizzas. We’ve had traditional, grilled cheese and even bacon, but what about a cheeseburger baked into the crust? Doesn’t that sound absolutely appetizing?

Yeah, we didn’t think so.

McDonald’s is another culprit of creating cuisine that just simply shouldn’t exist. Let’s take the McLobster for instance which is only available in Maine. Sounds super scrumptious right? They also have a curry burger that is sold only in India, and let’s not forget the BLACK cheeseburger in Japan, and yes it has black cheese.

Other countries also take part in some strange cuisine traditions. For example, ant larvae is considered a delicacy in Mexico and served with hot tortillas. They swear it tastes just like cheese curds, but we have our doubts. In Scotland, haggis is a dish that really gets the locals going. What is it you may ask? Well, take a sheep’s stomach and stuff it with sausage, heart, intestine and lungs, and well you’ve got a real good treat for a cold winter’s evening.

The truth of the matter is, no matter where you live, there will always be some dish on a menu that is absolutely disgusting and when you order it the server’s fall on their knees praying to God, Buddha or Allah in terror. We decided to do a little research of our own and have found these 20 menu items that are sure to make you cringe.

Warning- read at your own risk.