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What Makes OLED TVs Stand Out? Exploring The Advantages Of OLED Technology  

Buying a television, just like any other product in the market, has become too complicated. It is especially true if you are unsure what you need in a TV set. You will be bombarded with acronyms and numerous, overwhelming TV specs.  


You would think the sellers never mind about your interests. But with the OLED TVs now seeming futuristic, you want one that meets your needs.   

These televisions provide a level of aural and visual clarity, and most people are replacing their standard smart and flat TVs. There are many models to choose from, but the selection will seem like an uphill task, especially if it is your first time purchasing one.

Therefore, you need to know its hits and misses and what factors to consider when scouting for one that meets your preferences and financial muscle. A wrong choice may harm your experiences, emotions, and finances. For instance, a low-quality display will make your graphics look bad, worsening your gaming experience. 

OLED TV Screen Sizes 

OLED TVs come in many screen sizes, starting from size 42 inches to 97 inches. Recently there has been an upsurge of people going for a medium size, the OLED65CXPTA, because of its specifications and, somehow, because it was just released recently in 2020. 

The television has a 4K ULTRA HD resolution, LG’s a9 GEN 3 AI processor 4K and HDR, and Dolby Vision support. That means that with this kind of TV, you can enjoy improved image quality from your standard television and high-quality sound. If you are scouting for a high-quality OLED set, you should be looking for this one.  

Understanding OLED TVS

OLED is an abbreviation that means Organic, Light-emitting Diode. It is the latest display technology used in modern televisions. The technology uses organic molecules to display images on televisions. OLED TVs are different from your standard television in many ways.

These television sets use self-lit pixels meaning they emit their light, and unlike traditional television sets, they do not require a backlight. The self-lit feature, therefore, makes these TVs produce perfect blacks and unlimited contrast ratios. This feature gives these TVs a longer lifespan, as they do not rely on the backlight, which can burn out anytime. 

The TV can serve you longer than other TVs. Also, since OLED TVs do not power a backlight, they are more energy-efficient, meaning you will pay less energy bills than if you are using a LED TV. As you can tell, that allows you to enjoy more hours of entertainment without worries about increased power costs. 

People love OLEDs because of their wide viewing angles. They maintain their image quality from many viewing angles because each pixel they emit comes from their light without a backlight.  

A wide viewing angle lets everyone in a room get a good view of perfect picture quality. This television remains a significant choice for large families and parties because visitors view it from multiple angles.  

This television responds quickly to image changes, given that its pixels can instantly change their state. They have a fast response time, unlike traditional televisions. When an image is displayed on the screen, black pixels turn off, while those responsible for white turn on, resulting in a smooth motion due to the super-fast response time.  

Another feature of these TVs is they are lightweight. Portability means you can conveniently move them around, making them ideal for people who move frequently or want to bring their TVs on vacation. Also, it means they are easier to mount on a surface than traditional television.  

If you want to save space in your room, this television is worth considering. A lightweight OLED television is commendable because these TVs are less likely to get damaged when bumped or dropped. Hence, they are the best option for families with pets or small kids.  

Why OLED TV Stands Out 

The OLED TVs shine in many aspects compared to your standard television. That explains why you need one. The television’s infinite contrast ratio sets it apart from your ordinary TV. It can produce excellent blacks, resulting in an infinite contrast ratio. There is a significant difference between the television’s bright and dark parts of an image  

Also, the wide viewing angle is its selling point. You will enjoy great images while viewing the tv from all seats of your house. The fast response time gives it a competitive advantage over your ordinary television. Changing your sitting position does not require you to tilt or move your screen to watch the news or play your favorite video game.  

Images on this TV are displayed super fast without a trace of a blur. Hence they are the best for sports and gaming, and watching movies. Therefore, these television sets remain a vital choice for anyone after the best possible image quality.  

What To Look For in This TV Before Purchasing  

Before buying an OLED TV, look at its refresh rate. This spec means the number of times per second it can update the screen image. You should ensure it has a high refresh rate, which means smoother motion.  

The standard refresh rate of these TVs should be 120Hz, apart from a variable refresh rate, VRR, that allows it to match the frame rate of the display. The VRR also reduces screen tearing.  

At the same time, consider the unit’s High Dynamic Range. HDR expands the color range and brightness of the display. A high HDR provides a more realistic viewing experience. The standard HDR of an OLED tv is HDR10 and Dolby Vision. It won’t be okay to go for less than this.  


Getting an OLED TV is the best decision when you want to buy a new television or replace an existing one. These TVs will drive your viewing experience because, unlike traditional LED TVs, they offer excellent image quality. The TVs also offer a wider viewing angle and a fast response time. OLED TVs stand out also because of their thin design and are lightweight.