Lately I’ve been searching for Flickr to see if there’s something new and cool. Then, bang! Some really awesome photographs caught my eyes. They are created by an artist named Grey Jones, using a technique called High Dynamic Range(HDR). The outcomes are fantastic, with stunning color and light effect. Grey Jones is an U.S. graphic designer, who has over 28 years’ experience of creating, modifying, optimizing and color correcting images.

High dynamic range imaging (HDR) is a set of techniques that allows a greater dynamic range of luminances between light and dark areas of a scene than normal digital imaging techniques. The intention of HDR is to accurately represent the wide range of intensity levels found in real scenes ranging from direct sunlight to shadows.

The following are some photographs I selected from Grey Jones’ collection. After watching these fantastic and stunning pieces, maybe you would have the desire to creat some on your own.

  • the pic very good

  • WOW! Great works of art! Kudos.

  • weedermeyer

    I only wish I can be that good

  • Excellent round-up. With this post, and the giveaway moo cards, you’ve earned yourself a new subscriber ;)

  • To much agressive photoshop editing

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  • Absolutely great, love it.

  • Most of these have great composition but they no longer remind me of photographs but rather air brush work I used to love as a kid. I have say the HDR work is a little too aggressive IMHO.

  • Wow! It’s hard to believe some of these are photos, brilliant

  • erk

    really nice photos

  • Wow man, that’s great, really great work. You are impressive!

  • Amazing. I would love to buy some of these, and hang them up in my future house.

  • Unbelievable…really…great work

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  • krasubke

    a bit ‘too much’……

  • Great artistic work

  • Tuor

    It’s just stunning!

  • Drika

    looks so beautiful!

  • d2k

    These are interesting examples of digital photo manipulation, but not HDR photography, IMHO. Terms are used so loosely to be meaningless.

  • sev

    This are nice photos but they aint HDR. They are over-processed photos (in a positive way), which have some HDR elements as part of the process. But HDR is a minor part.

  • s`ley

    wish I could see the original to compare the photos

  • These are some of the most over the top HDRs I’ve ever seen! Not a bad thing though :)

  • This is just beautiful. Can’t get enough of them.

  • These are very good but i like this the most

  • It’s really stunning. Thanks for your good work! Such an amazing list of photos. Hope you share more with us.

  • Jables

    I think you should probably explain that this is not simply HDR photography. Grey explains that in the first paragraph of his site, which you link you. You didn’t read it… did you?

  • Wow, what a great collection of photos. Thanks for sharing.

  • Wow ,It’s Really Amazing Great collection Thank You For SHARING such a Beautiful collection.