The Design Inspiration is an online resource of design inspiration by designers for designers. It gathers together patterns, illustrations and logos that serve as a source of inspiration and as a showcase of talent at the same time.

There are lots of creative professionals out there. But there are also times when one feels uninspired and glassy-eyed. They wait for inspiration to hit them, positive that their big break will certainly come one day. Perhaps they’ve even tried taking internships to get a mentor. If they’re fortunate, they would find a role-model full of great ideas all the time. In less fortunate cases, they might find others like them, waiting for inspiration to come.

Whether one has been designing for weeks or even years, finding design inspiration isn’t always as simple as it seems. Designers can imitate all they want without discovering their own soul. But there’s one amazing secret. Design inspiration is all in oneself. Deep down in one’s imagination and subconscious is a pool of unused knowledge kept away, only waiting to be utilized. Researchers argue that people use less than one to ten percent of their brain ability every day. Everybody in the creative industry looks for design inspiration to improve creativity and this is where The Design Inspiration can help them. The site lists the best quality and freshest illustrations and logos from designers from around the world to serve as a source of inspiration for those who are looking for one. The categories featured in the site include logo designs, website showcase, patterns download, business cards design, typography inspiration, illustration art and creative photo.

It’s possible to see the number of times the design has been visualized and come to a conclusion about which designs are the most popular at the moment. The Design Inspiration stands as a true resource of design inspiration and ensures that all interested individuals get the best and freshest inspirations daily.

With an aim to help make the life of every designer easier, The Design Inspiration decided to feature the best illustrations, photos, patterns, websites and logos from the most talented designers from various parts of the world. TDI ensures that all designers get the best quality and newest design inspirations every day.

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