The Legend of Zelda is an action-adventure video game series published by Nintendo. The gameplay consists of a mixture of action, adventure, puzzle solving, and role-playing. The main character of the game is Link, who is often given the task of rescuring Princess Zelda. The Legend of Zelda series has sold over 52 million copies, and enjoys great success all around the world.

The following are some outstanding Zelda illustrations we collected.They may differ from our normal impression of Zelda, nevertheless, it’s still the Zelda we love. Feel free to share with us which is your favorite!

Designed by Rismi2 (Left),GTS (Right)

Designed by Christopher Peters

Designed by Shikitty (Left),Samu Chan (Right)

Designed by Fydbac

Designed by Pulyx (Left),Reichieru Tomuyu (Right)

Designed by Dan Howard

Designed by Silas (Left),Fallout161 (Right)

Designed by Heraldo Ortega Pacheco

Designed by Matt Herms (Left),Arechan (Right)

Designed by Fabian Schlaga

Designed by T03nemesis (Left),Jacopo Camagni (Right)

Designed by Samantha Whitten (Left),Hadibi Hassan Alban (Right)

Designed by Wynahiros

Designed by Jeremy Treece (Left),Danny Valdez (Right)

Designed by JRamy Badie (Left),Annie Navarro (Right)

Designed by Marc Johnston

Designed by Havenaims (Left),Momo Deary (Right)

Designed by Living Oxymoron (Left),Pedro Delgado (Right)

Designed by Mecharm

Designed by Themrock

  • Awesome collection…Thanks for sharing.

  • Nykeri

    cool but some of the artists forgot that link is left handed

  • Amazing looking art, I would definitely buy some prints if they are available :)

  • Flash Medallion

    Annie Navarros image is absolutely beautiful. I love the mood and the emotion in that, and it captures a side of Links adventure we don’t often see: his downtime.

  • hey man, give credit where credit is due. The piece you have up for Fabian Schlaga was a collaboration between him and I. I did the lines he did the colors.

  • ZFAN

    those are some bad-ass drawing of zelda!! awesome work!:)

  • I loved the Mario feature with different artwork styles, and this is even better. Some of these artworks, such as the ones where he is battling various enemies or bosses look absolutely gobsmacking in their high quality, and almost like an action movie scene. They’re all good in their own style though, albeit I don’t quite get the joke in the last picture (the one with Link and Lineback in Phantom Hourglass type style).

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  • Pentrox

    Awesome! I really like some of this.

  • michelleksamppp

    THIS IS UNBELIEVABLE!!!!<33333 so much love.

  • love Zelda on NES platform…

  • zelda

    i love all the artwork. i can’t really pick a favorite but i am definitely a fan of zelda. thanks for sharing.

  • These artworks now changed to my favorites

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  • Really good designs..

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