Facebook Timeline Cover is a the larger photo at the top of your timeline, right above your profile picture. Like your profile picture, cover images are public, which means anyone visiting your timeline will be able to see them.

People have a better experience viewing your timeline when they see a cover that is as unique and individualized as you are. This helps people learn more about you. We have selected the following 40 Best Facebook Timeline Covers to Impress Your Friends. What are you waiting for? Pick one and then change your Facebook Timeline Cover now!

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    I love this. I think I may have to change my timeline cover

  • Arun Kumar

    Its Ugly

  • Quttubuddin Zoaib

    that rude

  • Faizan Hassan

    nashallah buhat pyara bacha hai… stunning ! looks fabulous in rajhistanis… be yourself dude stay blessed

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    No. Ripping off a photo is never “cool”. Your phone has a camera, use it.

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    This was mine for a while… BTW. I don’t do drugs

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    All covers are nice. But i designed for my facebook page IndianMagz

  • Prakash Murugan

    teri maa ki chut..

  • Dan

    So ehrm, when it says “when nothing goes right, go left” is very dumb. When looking a bit further into what it can mean, it can quickly turn into “just do what everyone else is doing”. Making it into “When no one goes right, go left.”. Stupid quote.

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    Actually, mine doesn’t :(

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