McDonald’s Corporation is the world’s largest chain of fast food restaurants, serving nearly 47 million customers daily. The business began in 1940 with the first restaurant opened by brothers Dick and Mac McDonald in California. Today McDonald’s operates over 31,000 restaurants worldwide, employing more than 1.5 million people.

Despite all the controversies and criticism, McDonald’s continues to grow fast and strong. We can’t imagine a world without McDonald’s, we can’t imagine not seeing the big yellow M. McDonald’s powerful advertising campaign contributes a lot to its worldwide awareness. The following are some brillant McDonald’s ads we collected. Let’s see what makes them special and what we can learn from.

The copyright for the images are owned by McDonald’s who created the promotional item or the artist who produced the item.

(Left) Rock ‘n’ Fries, (Right) Free Wii-Fi served in all restaurant

(Left) The Real Milkshake, (Right) The Hosttest Fastfood in Town

Try Our New Breakfast Sandwich

Wake Up with Premium Roast Coffee

Nice Try, Mom…

Enjoy Our Broadest Menu Ever

You Can Always Grab a Bite at McDonald’s

The Olympic Crew Selection is On. Can You Manage It?

The Thrilling Mystery of a Haunted Burger

The Tale of the Mystery Fries

The Chicken-Nuggets Mystery

Extra Large Coffee

Fresh Salads

Merry Christmas

Make a Deal

Let’s Keep the City Nice. Use the Trash Can

Objects in the Mirrors are Closer Than They Appear

Come As You Are

McDonald’s in Birkered Re-opens

  • These are simply fantastic and powerful that can grab attraction. I specially like “Try Our New Breakfast Sandwich”

    Good compilation…

  • I love all these adds but unfortunately they add to a growing problem in the US. I truthfully am jealous of overweight people. Here’s why..

  • biplab

    looked at wonder

  • I’m loving the all too familiar make a deal or sit through fuzzies wuzzies…

    Nice collection…

  • I love this stuff but the baby Ronald McDonald is just scary.

  • Very creative and innovative!

  • Some interesting designs. I particularly like Try Our New Breakfast Sandwich at McDonald’s.

  • Chris

    The baby advert is possibly one of the most disturbing images I have ever seen in an advertising campaign. Its creepy. Its wrong in so many ways. Its bad enoughthat Macdonalds openenly cynically target our young folk to eat the shit but this.. shiver!

    P.S. I’m lovin’ thethe girl with the huge knockers though!

  • These ads are truly clever! I had a really nice time looking through them and seeing how the designer worked through the target market in different areas. very nice job to the designers :)

  • Your compilation is simply amazing. Thank you for sharing. Yes, there is much to be learned and each add you selected speaks volumes about you and about BigMc

  • Nice ads :)

  • AbMasTeR

    Cool stuff! My favourite is still the rocknfries, so simple, yet brillant! Also if the holiday themed ones are done well the come off great!

  • li

    Great Ads, only wish my waistline could accomodate those fries….

  • Feel hungry. I love mcdonalds. Some great advertising. Thanks for sharing this nice post.

  • sergiy

    Fine.I am writting diploma work about ad,that is very helpful.Thank yuo that you are.

  • wow
    this is the most creative designs i have ever seen

  • Javier

    They are the announcements well but they would have added better the publicity of 90´s. For example those of the happy small box classic the inspiring ones.

  • rosina

    muy bueno!! muy originales

  • Tim

    i thought the coffee bone is just a picture of a ugly burger but the bone is just looking like a burger … really i needed some minutes to check it :D … nice pictures here … very funny



  • the come as you are ad is hilarious :-D

    nice try mama is cute too :-)

    i love mcdonalds!

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  • Adam

    That’s amazing. They have such a top-notch ad team.

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  • MichaelJosephTurner

    McDonald’s has by far the worst advertising of any company. They succeed because you don’t need advertising if you’re McDonalds.. The food sells itself. But seriously no company is more out of touch with America’s youth than McDonalds. Stop trying! It’s really sad at this point. You don’t need to advertise. When you try it comes off as feeble and weak. You are so out of touch its almost not funny. But it’s still hilarious when you try. For now….

  • ik ben nella goeloe

  • Rachel Page

    I am always entertained by McDonalds commercial. It’s ironic that the original ‘one size fits all’ business is now so
    diverse. Not too long ago you could walk into one of their restaurants
    anywhere in the world and they were all the same but McDonalds seem to
    be learning the lesson of diversity that has been a dominant concept in
    marketing over the past couple of decades and that digital marketing has
    engendered. Bankruptcy Help San Antonio

  • Karen Patrick

    McDonald’s always has catchy ads. Nice list. I like the comics inspired ones. mortgage debt

  • Eric Wright

    Wow! There’s so many of them! McDonald’s has a brilliant marketing team. I wish I can be part of it.