With a little imagination, and you will be on the go to create some amazing stuffs and have fun with even the most common things in daily life. Yes, even with eggs. You know, you don’t have to wait until Thanks Givings to doodle on eggs.

What we have got here are some funny photos featuring creative egg paintings. Look how these crazy people are creating hilarious scenes with just a pen and a camera, and of course, eggs. A few lines and curves, take a good spot, find a good angle, and then you would get the shot too! Though I believe you would struggle a little bit when posing them.

  • http://queengems.ecrater.com sunnyshine

    So cute and creative eggs!

  • http://queengems.ecrater.com sunnyshine

    What cute and creative eggs!

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  • anthony julian

    these are gr8!!! & funny

  • http://www.themovietrust.com yjc

    These are hilarious!

  • Olli


  • http://iulren.com memory

    :)) some of them are realy funny

  • alessandro

    look that

  • http://www.sharecorp.cn Share Filtration

    Wa, i see easter is coming around again.

  • lucy

    There’s a Lee Tokapi!! I love these ♥

  • http://www.findblogideas.com Keith

    Haha Amazing this brightened up my boring day! I love the storm troopers and the egg funeral…hilarious!

  • hsing wen

    Goddddd dameeeee cuteeeee!!!!!
    so funny&lovely~~

  • kiran

    i’ve never seen this talking eggs before they are just talking kids.

  • http://bestheartratemonitorreviews.org/ Frank

    Great artworks and Great collection. Well done. Thanks for sharing this nice post.

  • http://www.webcatalyst.org WebCatalyst

    Funny But Very Creative work. I like it.



  • http://jatzio.blogspot.com/ Jajat Rohmana

    Inspiring, especially for farmer and animal husbandry student!

  • http://obbop.wordpress.com/ obbop