Wallpaper is known as desktop picture and desktop background, which is an image used as a background of a graphical user interface on a computer screen or mobile communications device. Though most devices comes with a default picture, users can usually change it to files of their choosing.

In order to spice up your desktop, here we have collected 40 Super Awesome Wallpapers for Nerds. They are designed by the most talented designer around the world. Please feel free to suggest the ones you really love and we have missed. Thank you very much for all of your support to The Design Inspiration.

(by william : source)

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  • boobesh

    these awesome pictures are very super perfomence isstha patthamnaka one two three not super

  • Arpit


  • http://www.chelseau.com Chelsea

    You have good taste… Just sayin’ =) I’ve used that same Mario background for quite a long while lol

  • siddharth pal

    awesome wallpapers..

  • Peter
  • http://www.allin1hdwallpapers.com/ Junaid

    nice Collection of HD Wallpapers….Pacific Rim i like it

  • Austin

    Drinking a beer on the moon, sitting back in your recliner, watching the Earth rotate. Wow.

  • http://www.davidnh.com David Hardwick Photography

    Nice use of colour in the lion and the moon picture.

  • http://www.boostinspiration.com Waheed Akhtar

    Some great wallpapers here.

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  • http://www.unnaturaldesirez.blogspot.com Umar Jamil

    Some of the very best collection of wallpapers!

  • bubug

    These are not wallpapers for nerds.

  • William Hegarty

    being a nerd doesn’t mean i want to look at thirty some-odd star wars wallpapers. laaaaaaaame!

  • black

    Drinking from a bottle… in space. How clever.

  • Mario Oscar Hernandez


  • http://dearcult.blogspot.com/ andremat

    50/50 wallpapers

  • Rijul

    That IS awesome!!!!!!!!
    But how is he drinking with the helmet on?!?! :0

  • billnye

    they have some awesome backgrounds

  • James Davis
  • Kira Milne

    Technically you could still do it. Shake the bottle first to agitate the carbonation and use that to make the beer leave the bottle. Although you would have to drink it pretty much all in one go.

  • Trickyhottrev

    Geeks, not nerds. Get your words straight.

  • manfaat jelly gamat

    Nice website :)

  • http://www.webdesignboom.com/ WebDesignBoom

    That’s really Awful!

  • A Concord Resident


  • anonymous

    I notice the lion is crying why? It makes me sad…

  • disqus_PirBsFFoZa

    through your space helmet? no you can’t drink a beer in space

  • James Bores

    These are most definitely the nerdiest wallpapers I’ve ever seen. . . maybe that’s why I feel connected to them.

  • http://svejkgames.com/ Zenryo

    Some of the images were removed I guess…

  • James

    Your Right

  • capo689

    I bet ya can… just need it in the suit and rigged up to a valved delivery device… I think this needs a KickStarter Funded Corporation behind it immediately!

  • Mega Thingz

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  • http://milano.bbakeca.com/ BBakeca

    Great collection, but not just for nerds…

  • http://batman.com tara

    that was dome and wired hahaha and these are Not for nerds runner up

  • jon

    their is gravity on the moon lol just not as much

  • Ovidiu Drobotă

    Most beautiful WallPapers I’ve ever seen.
    Thank you.
    I also recommend: http://www.imashon.com/

  • Rakshith Kiran

    You might want to rethink about the beer! How on moon are you gonna drink it!

  • Tom Sidney

    You’re right*

  • Andrew Davis


  • http://xbakekaincontri.com/milano xBakekaIncontri


  • http://www.clippingpathspecialist.com/ Atiqur Sumon

    Sad, I think so…

  • Reno Romero Holtzheimer

    Only nerds would say this is not for nerds. Be proud, be nerd.

  • Ann

    I think it looks like there’s tubing to dip into the beer at one end, and then going into a valve in the helmet. It’s that structure on his chest.

    What worries me is the temperature of the beer.

  • http://www.lancerwonders.com LancerWonders

    Nice Collection !!