Do you drink coffee? I bet you will like it more hereafter because we will feel the incomparable charm of coffee art together. Coffee foam art is, in short, making fancy coffee in various styles by using espresso, milk and chocolate topping. It is not only a kind of enjoyment in taste but also in vision.

I believe coffee foam art is popular because it adds comfort and a special gift to an already dreamy and friendly drink. Plus, when else do you get a chance to drink art? Never! Looking at the following cups of coffee, appreciating the lovely animals, plants and characters on the surface, would you actually be able to drink such a fancy and pretty coffee?

  • ckclaims

    all is well i really like your post. And i think which one i select. thanks for post here.

  • Joe

    Amazing collection. Thanks for sharing. Just tweeted your article. My favorites are Saturn and the sailboat.

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  • Miguel (Utilnet)

    Great post. Very interesting.
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    Best regards,
    Miguel (Utilnet)

  • dgd


  • Cynthia Black

    Wow. my compliments to
    the various coffee foam
    art here! Bravi!

  • tess

    so yummy..i dont think i can drink if ill buy this…ill just have to look at it.

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  • David Hardwick Photography

    Nice Photography of all these drinks. It seams a shame to drink and spoil the artwork.

  • Pharmacy technician certification exam

    Great site. A lot of useful information here. I’m sending it to some friends!

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  • Kathy Huber

    Where can I purchase some of the latte pix in high res?

  • http://facebook zoe mccormack

    i can do some of this but i don’t drink coffee… i use tea

  • http://facebook zoe mccormack

    i actually made tea a little while ago! i made a mountain seen with a flower!

  • actron cp9190

    wow! gorgeous how did you make it? thanks for sharing

  • medical assistant

    I wonder how much time it takes to prepare these amazing patters?

  • Three Ring Binders

    Wow, this sort of work amazes me.

  • horse racing track

    hmmm… wow! i’m starving

  • klip izle

    omg they are great shapes :)

  • Danny

    great stuff – never seen this before and never tried to play with it :)

  • John Shupe

    Ever Since art has been introduced into the coffee experience , a daily cup of coffee has been a routine and enjoyable adventure with every cup.

  • Donnau1

    Great photos how did you get those designs in the coffee cups.You can also use coffee to boost your metabolism so that you’ll be able to lose weight.

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  • Noypistuff

    I wanna learn how to do this…

  • Kamile Ko

    You can try to make such an art at home, but in this case you need good espresso machine, because foam is the most important while decorating latte. I am a self studied barista, but without this machine- Philips
    Saeco kavos aparatai namams
    I would not reach anything :) Believe me :)