Every architect can build stairs, but smart architects can build beautiful stairs. Simply taking a picture of such stairs could be a piece. But, if the stairs are not artistic enough, smart photographers could still find a way to take a good picture, using different angles, techniques or contrasts.

The following are some excellent examples of how we can find beauty in the most common objects in our daily life. Let’s see how these simple lines and curves, combination of colors or lights turn into breathtaking pictures in the cameras of talented photographers.

  • i’m fainting following the steps…..

  • I had no idea stairs could be so beautiful. Thanks for the inspiration!

  • The stairs looks quite cool and very good too.

    Very innovative designs.

  • Absolutely inspiring. I specially like the spiral DNA-like staircase, it’s so minimalistic.

  • Bim

    Great photos… I’d like to add my version if I may: http://www.flickr.com/photos/bimma/3744449780/

    Thank you for sharing. Found this post via Webesigner Depot

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  • harry


  • Wow All Of Them Are Awesome I Really liked The One That Is Hanging From The Ceiling.
    Thanks For Sharing.

  • Hannah O

    Where is the second to last staircase from?

  • maherinia ali

    i enjoyed for your stairs pictures .i would like to see big curve stairs

  • mitesh

    this desine is very nice

  • Those people who created those beautiful stairs are very talented. And also some where confusing but other then that very creatvite!

  • Nice photography. I love these shapes and bright colours.

  • eggnostriva

    I have an old cottage (1850) It has a small dog leg stair case, with very short steps. Going up is fine, but when you come down your toes and almost the balls of your feet are off the step, unless you turn your feet at an angle. I have fallen down them twice in 15 years. Once carrying a computer. some of these remind me of that. Style over substance.

  • Thanks! Its a great referece.

  • JTContinental

    Hannah O, the second to last staircase is Odegaard Library at University of Washington.

  • Simply amazing

  • nice photograhpy. i will download one by one. thanks

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  • mubashir fateh

    Most of them are beautiful.

  • Aygun Ab

    Wow! Cool and inspirate ideas! Of course, they are unsuall, but I guess it is great! We need sometimg something for shaking)) I saw nice ideas on staircasedesign.info, but there staircases really cause different emotions!

  • oh, so wonderful!
    I admire the artwork iron staircase. I have both the 1 collection of beautiful photos of iron stairs in the world. You can view it here: cau thang sat