Toilet Roll Artworks Collection

Have you ever cared about the toliet paper roll? Maybe most of the answers are negative. Because they are rough,nondescript and useless. They are destined to be thrown into bin. While in fact, rubbish can be turned to be artwork. The only difference is the way you dealing with them. The following are some artists who turn the deserted toliet paper roll into amazing artworks. They will tell you that work proves that discarded everyday objects can be re-invented into something elegant and beautiful. Let’s have a view and try to redevelop so-called rubbish around us.

Anastassia Elias

Anastassia Elias, a French artist, is a master of collage. She created a winter scene with a child building a snowman, a scene with a woman taking clothes down from a washing line, a school classroom scene, a busy market scene and a model of a grandmother sitting in a living room with a cat through carving tiny scenes out of the inside of each brown paper roll while leaving the outside intact.

Toilet Roll ArtworkToilet Roll ArtworkToilet Roll ArtworkToilet Roll ArtworkToilet Roll Artwork

Beru Betto

Crafty artist Beru Betto has created some “pixel” characters by assembling several toilet rolls together on the wall. The process is as follows: First, paint each toilet roll ‘pixel’ to the desired colour.Next, arrange and glue them together with strong glue. Lastly, varnish (optional) and hang it up on the wall. To make lovely characters with such simple steps, we don’t want to throw away the “used” toilet roll any more.

Toilet Roll ArtworkToilet Roll ArtworkToilet Roll ArtworkToilet Roll ArtworkToilet Roll Artwork

Junior Fritz Jacquet

Junior Fritz Jacquet is an artist that loves working with paper and has created a series of small masks by bending and folding empty toilet paper rolls. The masks are sculpted by hand, then coated with shellac and different pigments. Each mask expresses a kind of emotion of people. Isn’t it amazing to see all kinds of expressions on the toilet paper roll that should have been thrown into bin?

Toilet Roll ArtworkToilet Roll ArtworkToilet Roll ArtworkToilet Roll ArtworkToilet Roll Artwork

Yuken Teryua

Yuken Teruya is a Japanese artist who cuts trees out of paper bays and cardboard toilet paper rolls. The most fantastic thing is that in each roll, the shape of a tree is created with out adding or removing anything, just by cutting out and folding the paper from the roll itself. Except toilet roll, the Japanese artist has also used shopping bags and old pizza boxes in his collection of work that uses recycled materials to defy the defined roles of these objects.

Toilet Roll ArtworkToilet Roll ArtworkToilet Roll Artwork

  • Great creativity I must say… amazing art…

  • that’s just way to neat

  • Fantastic art style. Love it

  • Amazing collection – I can’t even tell which one I like the most…

  • amazing! Never again I will consider toilet paper rolls as garbage…

  • bee

    Great stuff! I couldn’t make one of them – well maybe the pixel boys. But I love the trees – the last idea – the most. They are so beautiful!

  • tisnee

    really appreciate the idea to recyle a toilet paper roll. Briliant and amazing!

  • OMG! These are awesome. Very Creative :)

  • Amazing art work done by these artists, especially Yuken Teruya’s work!

  • Anu

    Very clever, amazing, and inspiring. A designer in any field can get inspired to convert waste into beautiful products. I see it through the lens of sustainability.

  • Jikyoung Kim

    I love the Corner Forest by Yuken Teruya, btw it’s created in 2006.., Anyway greatest art and photo as well.

  • Mae Correa

    unbelievable art work. what an amazing gifts they have.

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  • bridie furlong

    just love these,used them in the past with kids but hadn’t seen beyond that, what vision and creativity ! :-)

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  • now i have great ideas for my toilet papers in trash. thanks

  • hi its a nice crafts plz send to my email any simple craft using the things we throw thank you

  • pandu

    its awesome….especially the design cut on the paper rolls is excellent…i just have a doubt…where do you get a lot number of rolls at a there any palce we can get as many rolls we want at a time??