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  • afcles

    very cool

  • A nice collection of colourful photographs plus a bit of photoshop.

  • These are awesome. Thanks for the post!

  • It’s really amazing what people come up with. Some of these ideas are cute and some are downright artworks.

  • These are some great ideas, very creative.

  • Kind of cute. I love the lips photo (with a cigarette but). Cool.

  • Mary K

    The picture of the boy and girl kissing on the swing is actually me and my boyfriend about three years ago. believe it or not.

  • Kevin

    Wow, small world. That park of the two people kissing on the swing is bishop park in wayandotte michigan. I still go there every now and then. pretty cool seeing it out of nowhere like that.

  • it is a great collection. especially love the beatles and funny dogs photo and inspiration

  • Sweet picks!

  • Ana Gerova


  • i especially like converse photo. but all photos are great

  • barun haldar


  • Nik

    Awesome, thanks for share

  • [email protected]

    Does it say “hope” or “nope” at the bottom?

  • love the fish eyes and the swinging kiss!

  • converse and hope. it is good photo :)

  • hi, they are really cool. thanks for sharing

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  • smit


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  • Jenna Major

    These are very inspiring indeed. Every single one of them is unique and creative. Bankruptcy Lawyer San Antonio

  • that is very cool

  • Woki

    this is beautiful and really awesome