Living on the shores of Lake Michigan, Jane Fulton Alt is acutely aware of the disastrous toll the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico has taken on all forms of life. Thus he photographed series of photos, namely “Crude Awakening”, featuring people drenched in an oil-like substance while standing on local beaches. With these photos, Jane Fulton Alt tries to represent how humans are constantly exploiting the earth’s resources. Here are some of the photos, have a view and work together to protect the balance of life from now on.

  • zally

    understand them fully as artistic form in which you express in your photos
    (Which personally I like a lot) and if the loss of wildlife was due to oil spill in Mexico … but the clothes of the people in your images will not be possible without the oil and not only in Mexico there have been spills of this magnitude in other parts of the world also … so they get the same type of posters for the environment and ecology and criticize others … not only to Mexico