After 18 months, the mobile living space – blob VB3 is finally finished. This unit is build by architectural firm dmvA for the office of xfactoragencies. The blob is mainly made by polyester, and holds all necessary items one could possibly need as bathroom, kitchen, lighting, sleeping space and several niches for storage. Moreover, the nose can be opened automatically and functions as a porch. While being closed, it blends into a complete smooth blob.

It is an impressive creation for mobile unit. We could easily use it as an office, a garden-house or whatever we want. The most exciting thing is that it can be moved to any place. With blob VB3, our outdoor lives will be more convenient and of homey comfort.

Project info : blob VB3
Design : dmvA
Principal : rini van beek/ xfactoragencies
Team : david driesen, tom verschueren, thomas denturck
Location : anywhere/ mobile
General Contractor : AD&S thomas denturck
Constructional Engineer : AD&S
Built Area : 20 m2
Completion 2009


  • BlueWindKami

    Cool! But I’d want real windows in addition to just a couple of skylights.

  • It’s a great idea.I like it,but where is my space ?

  • [email protected]

    What is the cost of blob and is it cable ready?

  • bruce wayne

    Where are the heating/cooling components and what are they??

  • This is beautiful and functional. I would absolutely love to live in one of these things. You could totally take it anywhere! Are they being put into production? If so, at what cost? More info needed!

  • lettucecup

    Yeah, where’s the water tank, the grey water tank, black water tank, the propane tanks, solar panels and wheels and hitch?

  • golnar

    great ideas

  • I think this is a strong design but could be done better. Its not really an egg shape and I think most people would get claustrophobic sleeping in that bookshelf type bed.

  • Paul Long

    Uh, no windows? What about those cold, rainy days when you can’t just flip the nose open? Sleeping on that shelf doesn’t look too comfortable, either. Nice try, though.

  • the inside looks great, although i’m not sure the sleeping arrangements are that practical. The outside looks a little unfinished, a high gloss would be nice, it looks a little rough, kind of like plaster.

  • 9pu

    very idea design for userd

  • Peter Gardner

    Could it be built with wheels, like a caravan?

  • Bob C

    Looks like something out of Woody Allen’s Sleeper movie(1973). All it needs is the Orgasmatron. Really, it looks very uncomfortable and sterile. If you moved the thing, all shelf contents would go spilling everywhere.

  • Andy

    Yep, Peter G, if it had been a caravan it would have been brilliant. As it is, it’s nonsense, but very pretty nonsense.

  • Matthew

    Very smart use of space. The utility bills also a lot less due to not having windows. It seems very airtight, and small which is inexpensive, but yet room to work with.

  • kourosh

    it was very good i want 1 of this homes plz give me the price of that and how can i sale that

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  • Richardcole

    Egg Living..

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    ITS NICE..

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  • JD

    Hi are these blobs for sale?

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