Finnish bicycle designer Olli Erkkila has always designed bicycles that can really surprise us. Look at the white bike below. It is his graduation project for Institute of Design in Lahti. Have you discovered the difference? It works without front fork. The odd bicycle just adopts a modified frame that is steered using handlebars connected to a steering rod that turns the front wheel. The frame is modified to support the rider in the absence of the front fork, with added tubing below the seat. enjoy~

  • Zach

    To the idiot wondering how it steers, just look at the pics. Self explanatory. To the idiot about going up slopes, your a f-ing moron. The world is fool of idiots. Sweet bike.

  • gordon

    its cool and all but whats the point. its awkward and pointless

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  • jim

    that steering mechanism is sweet! you’ve given new meaning to the term ‘white knuckle ride’

  • Bojo

    Cool, but useless and dangerous. I’d love to see one try and get it up a curb or make split second decisions on this. It’s like a fixed gear or big wheel bike, there’s a reason people don’t use them, same with this.

  • Its cool and very eye catching. If I saw one I may just fall off my own bicycle.

  • Love the design.
    It will certainly get folks intrigued.
    Freda, National Cycle Museum, Mid Wales

  • Westy

    It’s a great bike and a great show of imagination and ingenuity, for all you Lycra clad tools, a bicycle does not have to be an instrument for you keep fit or just get to work, they are for fun, fun to ride, fun to build and just darn nice to look at, or do you hate getting on your carbon fibre, light as air (due to imagination and ingenuity) multi geared speed machine?