Mila may be the happiest baby in the world. Her mother Adele Enersen has captured her daydreams. In the pictures, Mila may ride an elephant, play in blossom as a butterfly, or even fly as a pink superman. From creating ideas to implementation and editing, each of the photos is finished during a few minutes. The items used are just things around us like clothes, towels, umbrellas and toys. Enjoy the lovely photos, and maybe you can create some clever images as well.

  • salman howiriny

    its really funny art..!!
    my famely & i were amazing to name it.. my kids too were happy to watch strange art like what mila’s lovely mother do it to her..
    thanks “adele Enersen”!!

  • Jeni

    These are so amazingly creative. I love them all. ~jeni


    Simply ADORABLE!!

  • C A

    this is adorable! what an imagination! I hope she makes a book for the baby to see when she’s older

  • Stella

    How lovely! Loved them all but my fav are Superman and riding the elephant.Very creative!

  • Dolly

    VERY nice imagination, you do good work!!

  • Shirley

    This is so creative for our eyes. I’m sure the baby will appreciate her star position fully when she is older and maybe have related dreams.
    Add a cat to this….that will be a test

  • Addie J. Mattes

    Delightfully imaginative!
    I enjoyed all of these and wish you much success.

  • Jan Elfman

    We’re loving this here in Los Angeles!! Everyone I’m sending it to is writing back saying thank you!!

    Good luck and thank you for your wonderful creative mind! And I don’t even like babies that much — I know…shoot me!!

  • Angela

    I loved the Picts. Very imaginative and lovely shoots of your daughter. I especially love the book worm that is too cute
    thank you!