I have came across quite many 365 projects and some are really impressive. There is one more in my favourite list now. Arielle Nadel is a teenage photographer, and she is trying to use her camera to tell stories of her little Danboard. Instead of just putting Danboard in front of a background and call it a shot, Arielle manages to present Danboard as a real person who has real emotion. Follow us and see if Arielle has more stories to tell about herself and the little guy!

Q1. Thank you first for taking up the interview. Could you first introduce yourself a bit to our readers?

My name is Arielle Nadel and I’m a teenage photographer. Currently I am working on my 365 project which is all about Danboard.

Q2. How did you come up with the idea of making the 365 Days of Danboard?

I was inspired by other toy 365 series on Flickr and when I ordered my Danbo, I knew I wanted to do a project on it.

Q3. How do you manage to make your every picture of Danbo different and creative? Do you have a idea in your head of what to do next or just let it be and make use of whatever you come across?

For my Danbo pictures, I try to make Danbo look alive. I try to avoid just putting Danbo with an object and call it a picture. I always want to bring emotion and character to my pictures. Occasionally I have an idea in my mind, but mostly I just make use of what I have.

Q4. What do you think is the hardest part in the whole process? And the most interesting part?

The hardest part is getting Danbo in the right position and make my photos look like I caught Danbo in action. The most interesting part is working with one expression. I love the challenge of having this simple blank face and I know it can be transformed into something more.

Q5. What camera do you use? Great composition and nice use of light we can see in your shots. Do you have any tips for our readers on photography skills?

I use a Canon Rebel XSi. Always be happy with your photograph. Never base it on the viewer and be proud that you took that photo.

Q6. Do you have any other future project plan want to share with our reader?

I’m thinking of doing another 365 series of self portraits a month or two after my Danbo series. I’m not in front of the camera a lot and I want to do something new for myself. For now it’s just an idea and I know my thought on it will change in the future.

  • dakie

    i think i just fell in love <3

  • I said “Awwww” on every one! Adorable. Great work.

  • These pictures are very cute. They give personality to these little danbos.

  • Very Very creative and inspirational photographs

  • This is one of the most brilliant series I’ve seen in a long while. Thanks for inspiring me to get behind the lens again. My camera’s been on hiatus for a while now, and just going through your series has made me itch.

    Really, really great work.

  • Love the pics, put a smile on face

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  • pretty amazing! i loved them all :)

  • ellen

    Those are just really close up pictures of a character. They aren’t that good. I don’t get much emotion from them. Good try though!


  • Sam

    This is truly excellent!
    Your have a knack for staging and a great eye for a scene.
    The lighting and the differences of scenery, texture and color are fantastic!

    It made me giggle the whole way through.


  • Jenn

    These photos are awesome, you are right to be proud of them!
    The way their expressions seem to change is so clever… as well as the rest of the components.
    Great use of Wall.e too ;-)
    Thank you for the smile

  • rawrkadi

    this is really cool!

  • Chelsea


  • wow… this is really cute. great composition! continue to work your magic! :)

  • awesome photos!!!

  • Hi Arielle. You are amazing. Who would ever think you could make boxes come so alive and actually have personalities? Well, you did obviously. This is awesome and totally creative. I can’t believe you a teenager. I’m really impressed. It looks like you’ve got a bright future.

  • This – is – just – awesome! I love your photos!

  • Ralph

    How do you make the lighting so good?

  • lisa

    were can i get a danbo?

  • zorstklamp

    Just wanted to say what an inspiration to everyone who views your album !

  • kit

    does mini come with the human head

  • Peter Wright

    One talented young lady, so proud of you!

  • Nice photographic work. This is a bit of a strange subject. I think that at least the boxes provides some entertainment rather than going direct to the bin/trash.

  • I’m impressed! The pictures are such unique shots along with tons of fabolous ideas. I’m a fan of ‘Danbo’. Great work and I wish to view more. :)

  • Raymond

    Nice Pics.. simple yet fascinating

  • stranger

    this is not photography, no way…

    this is art…

    simply awesome… drawing facial expressions with the use of camera angel… :)

  • Julius

    I Like your Danbo pictures… Thanks..

  • Where there is love there is life.


  • Benny Tong

    Danbo is life…
    I like it

  • nice .. thanx

  • yau

    i love it so much..is cute..wish to have more danboard picture…

  • Wow these photographs are amazing! Such creativity :)
    I am also a teenage photographer however my photographs are nothing compared to yours! :( Oh and I love the heavy vignetting in some of these phoographs!

  • jenni

    these are so cute!

  • kenethtey

    danboars is so cute , & u’re skillful with photographing

  • S

    Hello ,,
    Very nice and creative pictures for danbo !

    I want to ask you from where can I buy my own danbo?
    Can you help me please
    and reply my on my email
    & thank you !

  • Hannah

    hiya, i absolutely love your photos, they’re amazing!
    i was wondering where i could get these action figures from? i’ve fallen in love with them :)
    please answer by email !

  • bree

    I’m loving this Danboard collection of yours. you’ve somehow managed to bring life and emotion to this blank faced cardboard box. each photo is so creative through the use of colour,shadow, reflection and texture which captures a certain essence of human nature. good job

  • nylla

    i love ur photo, brilliant!!
    i use it for my avatar :)
    i love danbo, carzy about him coz ur photograph

  • Isabel Izumi

    Awwww… so precious… Good job! Now to find a Danbo for myself…

  • Cora

    these pictures are so amazing and inspirational! I love it! these are the types of pictures I’d like to be taking in the future

  • Awesome job done with danbo…….hope it not just stop in 365………wish to c more….

  • I love your pictures.
    a long time ago, I took a look very emotional picture. at that time, I did not know who take the picture, neither it’s name-danboard. What a coinsidence, a store which near by my home. I get the DANBOARD. and find out your beautiful pictures again. thanks.

  • Squeefake

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  • spasiaIdearma

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  • WibraBicciz

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  • Khalid