Did you read the story about Lilliput? No? Then Slinkachu will guide you to the world of his tiny people. Slinkachu started his “Little People Project”. It involves the remodeling and painting of miniature model train set characters. He places and leaves the tiny people on the street and takes photos. Up to now, Slinkachu has held several exhibitions with the hope of encouraging city-dwellers to be more aware of their surroundings and reflecting the loneliness and melancholy of living in a big city. I think in his Lillput, there may be hundreds of inhabitants. Here are some cute pictures about their lives, have fun~

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    Thanks for share!!

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    cool& Cute collection

  • Law

    You’ve got my vote.
    Cool pics.

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    Very creative. Thanks for sharing. My two favorites were the bumble bee hunt and the two men hauling off the Cheeto.

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    I just love it! Creative Genius at work, rather … play! Good stuff!

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    This is just awesum! Very creative idea!

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    These are just so cute, and tiny, and really creative. I love it.

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    I feel so… um… big. Very Qool.

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    Diane K is doing something similar (not quite as tiny!) over @ grayandnameless.com

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    heY! this is one cool project!! i had the same idea too! i might do my version in July! and im glad i found yours! it can be an inspiration!! :D

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    The Little People Project Gallery by Slinkachu

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    Fun photos I like the one of the guy shooting down the bee =)

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    That’s really unique and beautiful !

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    Perfect style! This is a very expressive and positive little persons.

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    i absolutely love this

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    that is the coolest thing i’ve seen all day

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    these are awesome … well done, hats off !!

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    these are truly great!

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    Really great job!

    I love the way it looks!

    It might need a lot of patience to do such a thing!

  • rich lovering


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    what fun that looks like to do. enjoyed the pix.

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    Haha, that’s quite cool. Cheers!

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    Bravo Alexi

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    Effin coo! Nice work guys & gals….

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    So awesome! Thank you for sharing these pictures!

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    Well done

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    Awesome! This has given me some similar ideas but with tilt shift photography, photoshop and macro photography.

  • Erick Stow

    Absolutely brilliant.

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    So much clarity! I love the whole series… I feel like a small person in a big place sometimes LOL, this just makes it clear! :)

  • brian

    Just brilliant, not much else to say

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    These are brilliant and show a deep level of creativity. I used to live in London and I can second that it can be a lonely existence, especially with jobs being few-and-far between and house prices being so high for the first time buyer, many people are moving away. I’ll have to keep my eyes open for the ‘Little People Project’ as I would love to attend an exhibition.

    Thanks for sharing,


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    genius :]

  • Rosalyn

    These are incredible

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    These are amazing, it’s fatastic of the ideas that have been thought of!

  • Dave

    Little do we all know how small we really are in the grand scope of things. This work helps to put into perspective with some humor. Great Job!

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    Beautiful! Absolutely beautiful! I have such an appreciation for original art and creativity and this is very inspiring to me. Well done. Makes me want to get a camera and just start coming up with my own stuff. Well done. Bravo! Cheers! -Chris

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    Very nice and cool pictures. Love the technique!

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    this is phenomenal! thank you so much for sharing!

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    omg thats so cute!

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    This is just pure camp – come on. So over – so trite… yawn. Wow, so the concept is using tiny toy figures in a real life setting but the figures are tiny – Get it? – no, its lame.

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    This is completely awesome! Amazing ingenuity!

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    nice collection..they’re cute!

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    So Awesome! I like your perspective

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    This is one great idea! Something unique! Weld done!

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