As a web designer, we would like to design something that really standout. By doing that, we need to widen our eyes by looking at different kind of design style, so that we can get infinity and variety of inspiration.

Oriental websites and European websites are so different, because the designers have different culture and experience. You should be very familiar with US and European design style by now. It is a good idea to get some inspiration from Korean style websites as well.

  • Beautiful! This is very inspiring

  • That was colorful, the korean sites are this way, or is just that the editor choose colorful sites?

  • The Design Inspiration

    @ Alberto

    We did not choose colourful websites on purpose. Korean websites tends to be colourful with light background.

  • Great list, Korean’s have a really crazy design style but that makes the site so different and fresh for westerners. I play a bunch of Korean games(a side from Web design) and I am always impresses at there sites.


  • look more later:)

  • i like some of these pics

  • O i got that, that explains the neon in Asian Cities, anyway they look great, very very great.

  • bebopdesigner

    Outstanding collection! how did you manage to find these beauties? cheers

  • very nice collection! thank you for this!

  • Korea rules!!!!!


  • I like your collection for different type of website and its creativity

  • This was a nice collection of inspiration and I must say, I really am inspired now. Thanks for the article!

  • Incredible designs. Haven’t seen this in The Netherlands yet!

  • “is Korean Web Design Really Bad?”

    I said: NOPE!
    because korean web-style is very original and emotionaly.

  • sharon rose

    hello…i dont know how to speak korean…but when i saw this many site i was amazed and was interested to learn more about korea…GOD blESS KoreA…

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  • very useful and inspiring

  • These are really great, never thought to compile something like this. Glad you did, it’s nice to have a worldly view- even on the internets!

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  • suesse Seite

  • Jenna Major

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  • SEO Advies

    All very colorfull, I like it

  • i got inspired from my own blog “breaking news” :P

  • Jenna Major

    Different culture has different style of designs; and different people have different preferences on the design where the ultimate purpose is to attract people visit to your website and compete with your competitors.

  • John

    They certainly love color and the cartoonish feel to them are very appealing. Definitely great for the eye candy.

  • Rajni Singh

    I really like all these suggestions. Thank for sharing such a fantastic post.

  • Vidya Singh

    Thank you very much for sharing article.