APA refers to Advertising Photograph of American which was set up with the goal of establishing, endorsing and promoting professional practices, standards, and ethics in photographic and advertising community. It seeks mentor, motivate, educate and inspire in the pursuit of excellence with the aim of championing and speaking as one common voice for advertising photographers and image makers to the advertising industry in the United States and the World.

APA holds competition annually. Photographers, no matter members or not, are encouraged to submit excellent work that reflects forethought and planning. The 2009 APA National Photo Competition came to a successful conclusion not long before. The very winner is Ross Andersson who presented the photos about architecture. Besides, other 25 photographers shared the rest prizes. We have collected the most extraordinary works. Come on, let’s feel the celebration of photography together.

By Ivan Nava

By Francois Robert

By Scott Markewitz

By Celin Serbo

By Travis Burke

By Jennifer Dana Deane

By Jennifer Stumbaugh Merit

By Dennis Welsh

By Elaine Kilburn

By Patrick Molnar

By Braden Summers

By Beatrice Heydiri

By Joshua Scott

By Andric

By Genevieve Caron

By Dani Brubaker

By Ross Andersson

By Nicholas Duers(Left),Heath Korvola(Right)

By Mike Narciso

By Manuel Marano

By Robert Hooman

By Marisa Howenstine