WIX is a Flash Website Builder provides the easiest and simplest way to create your own free website! Simply select a template from Wix’s extensive gallery, click Edit, and use Wix’s website creator to customize the design. There is nothing to download, and no confirmation e-mail to wait for. They will walk you through the basic steps of your first website creation with Flash. All websites created with WIX are SEO friendly. And best of all, it is free.

There are over 4,000,000 websites created by WIX. You can check them out on WIX Gallery. We have selected the following 15 beautiful websites created with WIX. I am sure they can give you some inspirations for your next website design.

Ebony Iris Studio

Siege Graphics

Black and Bird

Smak Jezyka

KDOT Designs

Spirited Editions

Julian Bierring



Audio Scenery


Regis Fillatreau

IS Design Solutions


Creative Rewind