The Shimizu Corporation has unveiled their designs for a futuristic floating cities namely The Green Float. These float cities are a series of floating eco cities that are completely self-sufficient. The ocean development includes residential areas with A City in The Sky located 700-1000m above the waterline and a Waterside Resort community with oceanside townhouses. The city supposedly can accommodate roughly 50,000 inhabitants and generate all of its own power, grow its own food, manage its own waste and provide inhabitants with clean water. The vertical farms and the huge circular base will be devoted to mangrove plantations, grain fields and livestock ranches to feed the city’s inhabitants.

Shimizu Corporation are gathering leading global technologies to perfect the project, such as technologies for Ecosystem and Planting, Self-Sufficiency and Recycling, CO2 Reduction and Energy Conservation, Safety and Security. You’ll more details from Shimizu‘s website.