The Xhibitionist is a 75-meter superyacht with unmissable automotive cues, and it is said to be the inspiration for the Xhibit-G supercar. The Xhibitionist is a multi-purpose watercraft whose inner spaces can be rearranged into a car showroom, a partitioned retail space or a luxury lounge for guests. The ‘hood’ at the bow opens up to release an array of solar panels that are sturdy enough to act as a platform for entertaining or as a helipad. Beneath that is a viewing deck, while out back, guests can enjoy the hot tub on the fly deck.

Motivation for the Xhibitionist comes from hybrid engines in the “powerplant gallery,” but the carbon-fiber-bodied Xhibit-G supercar with its aluminum chassis gets more traditional gumption from a 630-horsepower V12. Inside is white leather set off by black carbon fiber and chrome.