You may have the impression that a bow tie is either a thing for nerds, a tie for that weird joker in the office, or something you must have for any formal event like a wedding. Bow SelecTie is here to change your ideas about bow ties completely and forever.

We love bow ties. We have endeavored to create the most unique bow ties that are sure to get you noticed. Naturally, we have a huge selection of classic bow ties that fit every occasion and dress. Amazingly daring and bold bow ties are our forte.

We have designed the most elegant selection of formal classic bow ties in patterns and colors that go with anything. Our variations on the black bow tie let you express yourself in subtle and not so subtle ways. Bow SelecTie is designed to let you experience the variety of material, color, pattern, texture, and shape that bow ties can have. We want you to look your best for that special event or person and we want you to be as bold and brassy as you dare to be.

Bow SelecTie is the place for the largest selection of bow ties for men. We held nothing back in our designs. We designed with you in mind. Wear a tie that gets you the attention that you want and deserve. Wear a Bow SelecTie.

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