Studio Ghibli is regarded as one of the most famous animated films producers in the world. The Japanese based studio is well known for creating some amazing and evergreen characters. It has numerous renowned animated movies under its brand and children all around the world have been enjoying them for years. Established in 1985, the studio has produced few of the most watched and appreciated animated movies all around the globe. Eight of their films have made it to the Top 15 highest grossing animated films of all time with Spirited Away their most famous to date.

Sheeta’s Blue Crafty Amulet


The magical amulet from Laputa: Castle in the Sky is here for all Sheeta fans. The beautiful and spectacular amulet is an oval shaped blue pendant that has a unique golden crafting on it. The pendant is attached with a blue sturdy ribbon through a silver joint.

Studio Ghibli Multi Character Cartoons Nail Art


The multi-character nail decals stick beautifully on the nails. The pack of five consists of a plain-faced Calcifer, simply face yellow Catbus, two white Kodama aliens, pink and white giant cat Totoro and three white eyed black circle soot sprit characters. The pack brings the best of Studio Ghibli.

The Best of Studio Ghibli Character Canvas Tote Bag


The off-white canvas tote bag is a large bag sufficient to carry books, toys, etc. The bag has several multicolor Studio Ghibli characters printed on the front with the name Studio Ghibli also imprinted.

Multicolor Splash Totoro White Pillow Cover


The white pillow cover has several paint colors spilled on the front of it. The paint is adjoined with a giant cat Totoro character looking sideways. Can fit any standard small squared shaped pillow and is perfect for young fans of the character Totoro.

Giant Black Soot Sprite Furry Pillow


The giant black soot sprite furry pillow can offer the coziest of sleep. The Scoot Sprite character has big wide open white eyes with a yellow star posted above the right eye and two pink and green stars posted underneath.

Innovative Jiji and Riri Cats Calendar


The hardened ceramic made calendar has two pretty cats instilled on the center. Jiji is the black one while Riri is the pink one. The front cubic numbers show the date, the day is written on a cube planted in a flower basket and the month beside Jiji between a rock.

Brown Jute Kodama Notebook Cover


The amazed and surprised Kodama, the white alien, is pictured in front of this lovely brown jute material book cover. Kodama has four Soot Sprite characters around him. Kodama and three Scoot Sprites are sitting on a red slab. The book cover also has a remarkable Scoot Sprite bookmark.

Brown & Yellow Catbus Fluffy Stuff Toy


This mixture of light brown, dark brown and yellow Catbus is a cute stuffed toy which can be every child’s wish. The character Catbus is in a lying position with a simple face, three hair mustaches on each side and six light brown fluffy feet. The Catbus also has a dark brown tail.

Calcifer on the Wood Studio Ghibli Ring


The cute and pretty burning fire orange Calcifer is comfortably sitting on a brown wooden slab. The two are implanted on a silver ring. Calcifer has two white eyes and plain lips showing no emotion. Can be ideal for kids that love the character and Studio Ghibli especially girls.

Totoro and Studio Ghibli Posters


Totoro has fascinated the lives of many over the years. The animated character’s silhouette is filled with a lovely scene of flowers in a meadow, making it a perfect addition to any room in the house.Are you a fan of My Neighbor Totoro?