Instagram is one of the most exciting mediums for artists today. If that sounds far-fetched, it’s time for you to explore the wonders of Instagram through some of its best artists. Unlike Twitter or Facebook, which are designed for communication and text, Instagram was invented to feature photography and art. Here are 10 artists you should follow on Instagram.

Nneka Myers @kinopia

Nneka Myers is a television animator with a style that is inspired by Disney. Her Instagram abounds with sketches from her notebooks and from her published and televised works, which include Powerpuff Girls, The Lumberjanes, Garfield and more. Viewing her original character sketches leaves us with no doubt that she will one day helm her own Disney production.

Gary Baseman @garybaseman

If you’ve ever played a board game, you are probably acquainted with Gary Baseman’s art. Baseman is the artistic designer of the game Cranium. Baseman is a collaborator of Shepard Fairey. He also created Disney/ABC’s cartoon show, Teacher’s Pet. Baseman’s feed is filled with examples of his unique visual style, including friendly vampires, toys he designed, fanciful rabbits, and faux-propaganda posters.

Insiyah Shahpurwala @thefabricloft

Textile artist Insiyah Shahpurwala uses Instagram to display her intricate, patterned textures. If you love fabric and clothes, you will find plenty of inspiration on her Instagram, appropriately named “the fabric loft.”

Adam Wallacavage @adam_wallacavage

Philadelphia artist Adam Wallacavage started as a photographer and then taught himself the art of ornamental plastering. His primary focus is on making amazing chandeliers, which have been exhibited all over the world. On Instagram, Wallacavage mixes monster imagery, candles and chandeliers, creating a delightfully spooky vibe.

Brooke Rothshank @blrothshank

If you’ve fallen for the world of miniatures – or even if you haven’t – then Brooke Rothshank’s artwork is a fun follow. These tiny, intricate creations are often smaller than the head of a push-pin. The prolific artist works with egg tempera, oil, pencil, pastel, watercolor and collage. Recently, the artist started the challenge of painting one miniature painting a day, and posting it to Instagram.

Eric Elms @Elmselms

Brooklyn-based visual artist Eric Elms has collaborated with brands like Vans and Nike. He brings a graphical approach to clothes, shoes and accessories. On Instagram, Elms showcases whatever quirky scene catches his eye, exploring his neighborhood and sharing snaps of famous friends like Jay Z. Followers of Elms can get a sneak peek at what’s about to become hip.

Gemma Correll @gemmacorrell

English artist Gemma Correll delights in creating quirky cartoons and illustrations. Her work is often infused with a wicked sense of humor. For instance, she made a poster of a Commemorative Pillow (“Perfect for Screaming Into, Punching, and Throwing at the TV”) and also created a sign advertising Menstrual Island (with its geographic markers of Hater Lake, Bloaty Town, Sea of Blood and Snack Bar).

Terry Richardson @terryrichardson

If you’re obsessed with celebrities and photography, then Terry Richardson will tickle your fancy on Instagram. Richardson’s Instagram showcases his controversial photos and celebrity portraits, with everyone from Miley Cyrus to Barack Obama posing for the auteur.

Coucou Suzette @Coucousuzetcoco

Juliette Mallet is the real name of Coucou Suzette, a Paris-based creative whose art studio is named after her cat, Suzette. Suzette makes jewelry, patches, pins, accessories and even socks, which can be purchased on her Etsy store. On Instagram, Suzette shows off her fanciful and colorfully-pink creations.

After taking a browse through some of these creators’ Instagram accounts, you’ll surely come away inspired!