With food, a picture is worth a million words. If your web design clients are restaurateurs, food truck operators, or any other type of food vendor, they probably want a beautiful website that showcases the delights of their menu. It’s not enough to just list what the restaurant serves, you actually have to show it. Designing a food-themed website takes using the right resources and luckily, we’re put together a list of just that.


Stock photos can be expensive, but they don’t have to be! There’s plenty of options for your food-themed projects for any client’s’ budget.

FoodiesFeed is a free stock image website devoted to food. The collection includes shots of people eating, food shots, utensils, coffee, and more. There’s currently over 900 images available, all in high-res.

ThePicturePantry is a pay website, but it features images from around the world. You’ll find world cuisine, ingredient shots and more.

Graphicburger has shared a free pack of 12 high-res food images that are great for brochures, menus and other materials.

Unsplash offers over over 4,000 food images in a variety of sizes for free download.


A well-designed website with icons can never go wrong, but you need to choose the right icons to make a good impression. Consider these food icon packs with can be used on business cards, websites, and even merchandise.

Vecteezy has a set of free colorful food icons with all of your favorites, including french fries, carrots, popcorn and other treats. Well, carrots may not be treats, but they’re in there regardless. The icon pack features 21 icons in AI, EPS, PNG, and SVG formats.

Perhaps your client doesn’t want icons of food exactly, but instead icons that speak to the culinary arts. The free In the Kitchen icon set by Poland’s Wojciech Zasina features 53 icons total with chef hats, rollers, and more.

Want more detailed food icons? Hand Drawn Goods Stores is giving away Tasty Icons, a set of hand drawn icons. There’s 36 icons in all, with Icons available as AI, EPS, PSD and PNG in four sizes.

Maybe your client is a health food store, an organic market, or juicery? If that’s the case, veggie and fruit-themed icons are perfect. Graphicsfuel features a pack of 15 handdrawn illustrated fruits and

They’re not icons, but do look at the free food truck vector art available at Vecteezy, because some sets can double as icons.


Your clients will want to see their logo and branding on a food container before they approve the design, so why not use these mockups?

Graphic Twister has developed a free cutting board mockup where your client’s branding can be placed on the board. It’s a choice for a rustic and refined brand. Your client can also showcase their website or mobile app with a smartphone food mockup or a paperbag.

Clients making homemade jam? Give them a look at the finished product with a free glass jam jar mockup from Mockupworld. You can also select from a paper coffee cup in hand mockup, and other great packaging mockups.

Food trucks are available as mockups as well, so be sure you take a look at this retro editable PSD food truck van.