George R.R. Martin’s brilliant series “A Song of Ice and Fire” already had legions of fans before it was made into an HBO series. At HBO, Game of Thrones became the first sci-fi TV show to ever win the Emmy Award for Best Drama. The show has now transcended its cult status and turned into a smash hit. Fans of the show are involved in reimagining the show’s characters and situations through fanart. Here are some of our favorite artists and examples of their work.

Before proceeding, be warned: there are spoilers ahead!


Robert M. Ball

Stuntman and artist Robert Ball is a fan of Game of Thrones. HBO came to Ball to commission an episode-by-episode series called A Beautiful Death.  The examples have been collected for the website of the same name.

Let Me Kill This Man For You



In season 4, episode 3, Daario Naharis kills the champion of Meereen for Daenerys. Daario is in love with the Breaker of Chains and here he wins her favor.


I Am Your Son, I Have Always Been Your Son

In “The Children,” the season 4 finale, Tyrion finally escapes his captivity, killing Shae and then his father, Tywin Lannister, in the process.


Winter Came for House Frey

In season 7, episode 1, Arya Stark dons a new face and poisons the entire Frey Family and their supporters.

Aljona Koshkar

Aljona Koshkar is an artist who makes colored pencil drawings of Game of Thrones characters. She has an incredible eye for detail. Her Deviantart page has art for many other fandoms, including Disney.


The Red Priestess

This portrait is of the Red Priestess – or Witch, if you prefer – Melisandre.


Jon Snow

In this portrait, Koshkar drew Jon Snow discovering the Direwolf pups from season 1, episode 1.


Kay Huang

There are many kingdoms to keep track of on Game of Thrones. Kay Huang, a concept artist from China, has depicted many of them in her series of paintings.



This painting shows the chivalrous kingdom of Highgarden, which was finally destroyed by Jamie Lannister in season 7, although Lady Oleanna had the last laugh.


The Titan of Braavos

In this picture, Kay depicts the enormous Titan of Braavos, which is show each time the action moves to the Free State of Braavos. Of course in Braavos, nothing is as it seems, and the many-faced God awaits.


The Fist of the First Men

In this painting, Kay shows the infamous battle at the Fist of the First Mountain, beyond the Wall. This was one of many incredible battle scenes written by Martin and depicted in the TV version.


Mark Simonetti

The Iron Throne

Mark Simonetti drew a picture of the Iron Throne that George R.R. Martin said was closest to his original intention for the famous seat of power in Westeros.



Jon Snow

An artist who goes by the name LethalChrisDrawing on YouTube did this black and white pencil drawing of Jon Snow. Chris posted a video showing the process of making the picture.