Photoshop brushes are some of the most fun features in photoshop. In addition to saving time, they allow you to create work that has great depth and personality. You can unleash your creativity by picking up these free photoshop brushes.

Ultimate Paint

This set of 30 Photoshop brushes comes from designer Jonas Stoltz, who created them by splashing real paint onto whiteboards and then scanning the paint splashes in high resolution. The resulting 30 brushes create a perfect splatter and spot for people who want to add that abstract, painted look to a project.

AP Brushes: ScarFace

If you love to get creative with portraits and you need to rough up your subjects, consider AP Brushes and their scarface Photoshop brush. It adds scarring to people, but you can also add plenty of texture to all sorts of background elements as well.

Lightning Strikes

These 18 images are electrifying, literally. They are available as Photoshop brushes, but are also available in patterns and jpges. The brushes are tileable, making them a must-have for your Photoshop toolkit.

Dry Brushes by Kirk Wallace

Artist Kirk Wallace is responsible for these wonderful dry brushes, which he made from ink and paper. They create hard, roughed, and distressed textures. These are amazing brushes to have on a free basis!

25 watercolor brushes

Every Photoshop artist needs some watercolor effects. This set of 25 watercolor brushes gives your work an organic look. If you love to use realistic paper texture backgrounds, the watercolor brushes can make beautiful art.

Splashes of Paint

Here’s a great freebie: a collection of 30 big brushes which create spray paint and splashes of paint that can dirty up any background. They work with Photoshop CS2 and above.

Technical Brushes

These brushes are a simply amazing set of brushes to give your drawings that technical, DaVinci-inspired look. If you have ever wanted to create cross-sectional designs, grab this set of 10 technical brushes while they are still free.

Vintage Wooden Brush

Creative Nerds made this simple brush to give wooden textures to your art. The brush creates a realistic, cracked and flaking wood effect.

Floral Swirls

These Floral Swirls come in a set of 20 high-resolution brushes which are great for making creative floral borders and adding texture to a wide variety of designs.

Ornamental Butterflies and Plants

Similarly, this set of brushes adds beauty to any design. They make it easy to create ornamentation, swirls, vines and other plant-like flourishes to your creations.

Antique Postcard Brushes

Designers, these Antique Postcard Brushes must be added to your Photoshop repertoire. There are six antique postcard designs that can create an entire theme for your work. Each card has its own features and patinas.

Water Brushes Vol. 2

Water effects are really cool to have in your toolbox. This water brush set includes 12 large brushes that make drops, splashes, ripples and waves. There are many ways to incorporate them into background and foreground designs.

Leaf Brushes

This set of seven high-res leaf brushes is perfect for fall and winter. They create a naturalistic background, but the set also has isolated leaf images with the great details observable on leaves.

Distressed halftone brush strokes

The distressed look is still popular in design, so this set of 21 free brushes will help your art go retro in a snap. The variety here is great, giving you full distressed strokes, but also more controlled halftone strokes. If you like vintage or worn effects, these brushes will tickle your fancy.

Mixergraph Grunge Brushes

Similarly, if you enjoy giving your art projects a handmade look, then Mark Pallas’ brushes are perfect for you. These handmade brushes were digitized and edited by Pallas and will work well with retro projects.

TC Magic Spells: Moon

This is a set of 21 moon brushes that easily evoke spooky, ethereal qualities to your projects. They can add texture and magic to any Photoshop idea.

Glitter and Sparkle Brushes

What’s Photoshop without some razzle-dazzle? These brushes bring the bling with sparkling and glittering effects. You’ll love adding diffused light orbs to your scenes.