Bundlehunt is an innovative website created by developers, social media experts and marketers who package bundles of software for Mac Users. Bundlehunt fills an important need for designers, who often buy a bundle just to get one app, with several others you don’t need. The site lets Mac users pick their own bundles, so that users are never again stuck with apps they won’t use. Bundlehunt is for everything you want, and nothing you don’t want.
Snap Heal CK

Photographers and graphic designers often need to remove people and unwanted objects from photos. This can be a tedious and time consuming job without an effective tool. Snap Heal CK is the world’s fastest tool to remove unwanted things from pictures. Normally retailing for $49, it’s available as part of Bundlehunt for $1.00.

Photo Effect Studio Pro

Photo Effect Studio Pro is normally $29.99, but you can bundle it for jus $1.00. This app was developed for graphic designers and professional photographers and it is made to handle all your image editing needs.

Watermark Sense

Need to create watermarks but don’t want to invest too much money or time? You should check out Watermark Sense, which is a flexible batch image watermarking utility. It’s available for a steal at just $1.50 when bundled.

Font Manager Deluxe

Graphic designers love Mac Font Manager Deluxe. This app organizes all your fonts and makes it easy for a designer to find what they need immediately. Normally selling for $19.99, it’s there for just $1.00 on Bundlehunt.

File Cabinet Pro

It’s hard to keep your desktop neat and tidy. That’s where File Cabinet Pro comes in – it’s a file manager for your menu bar. Now you can navigate to your files without sticking them on your desktop. Normally selling for $29.99, it’s now just $1.50 courtesy of Bundlehunt.

PDF Image Xtractor

Similar to Snap Heal CK, PDF Image Xtractor lets you erase things you don’t want in a PDF image file. This simple app helps you drag and drop the PDF file into a window, where all the images will be deleted. It was $19.99 but is now just $1.00.


Run your other devices with your Mac keyboard with Typeeto. This app lets you make your Mac keyboard into a Bluetooth keyboard for iPad, iPhone, Apple TV and even Android devices. Rather than it’s regular retail price of $19.99, this one can be had for just $1.00.

Elmedia Player Pro

If you get frustrated when someone sends you a video or audio file in a random format you rarely use, then Elmedia Player Pro can help. It’s a media player for Mac supporting several different audio and video formats, such as g FLV, SWF, MP4, AVI, MOV, MP4, DAT, MP3, and more. The cost is usually $19.95, but available now at Bundlehunt for $1.00.