Buying a new domain can be a stressful process. Odds are, that domain branding will become the main address of your company’s website for years to come. Your upfront research and hard work could pay dividends over the life of the domain. To help you acquire a new domain for the long term, we have put together these domain branding strategies to follow.

Incorporate Corporate Branding

Quite simply, a corporate brand should buy a domain the reflects their name. It can include or For corporate companies, this is a simple strategy to have one domain for the entire corporate site. Of course, you can either include all the brand identities under the corporate domain or setup other domains for brands that are not directly associated with the corporate brand.

Utilize Product Or Service Branding

Alternatively, if you company is very products driven, you can buy domains based on the products. Since there are not many .COM domains for single word products, you can try different variations to brand the domain. For example, if is taken, you can register or These types of domain variations all you to get around the issue of taken domains. Moreover, it unifies the branding of your domain and products.

Consider Exact Match Domains

Similarly to choosing a product focused domain, you can register domains based on keywords that you would like to rank for in the search engines. If you would like to rank for “product reviews”, you might try to buy domain names that include those terms. In this case, you could buy or an almost-exact match domain like While some SEO experts advise against exact match domains, you could have some major benefits with partial match domains or exact match in less competitive industries.

Invest In New gTLDs

As new generic Top Level Domains are released, we have more opportunities to brand domains names further. The new extensions like .CLUB or .CAPITAL can provide context to your website domain. Additionally, it can provide branding in terms of location with extensions such as .UK and .NYC. If you want to be on the cutting edge of domain branding, you will want to buy domain extensions that are most relevant to your brand.

Change Your Legal Company Name

Interestingly enough, some companies are changing their legal entity names to include “.com” so the company name is actually a domain name. This is perfectly legal and has some positive benefits as the company name actually drives traffic to the website. The domain will receive more publicity and referrals because it is constantly mentioned by anyone talking about the company. However, it can be very tough to change an entire brand or company around a single domain. You will have to change to a new logo design too. If done well, it could be a unique strategy to drive more traffic to your domain.

These are proven strategies for branding your domain name. If you are planning on to buy a domain soon, consider the pros and cons of each approach for your company. A good branding strategy could make a huge difference in your company’s domain popularity and authority in the future.