A university website shouldn’t be a tasteless web portal that delivers essential information to students. This selection of college sites proves that web design matters. Scroll down below and discover the best university websites with cutting-edge designs.

University of Maryland

The U of M has a stunning and remarkable website design. The first block on the homepage is a full-screen video that shows how students study, pass their time, and celebrate. Also, the main menu has the form of a vertical sidebar that pins to the left edge. Also, the site has a good color scheme and a lot of attractive animation effects.


The rocky mountain college of art and design has a stunning website that catches an eye from the first sight. The website uses a combination of dark and bright colors that help to indicate crucial components.

Regent College

This college has a simple and straightforward website. Due to a well-thought-out layout, it is easy to navigate on the site. Each item in the top menu bar has a different color. Moreover, a block with advanced sub-menu sections appears when a user hovers over a particular menu item.

Bucknell University

This university’s website attracts from the first sight by its smooth video background of the first block. It uses a perfect combination of blue, white, and orange colors. In case you need to create a research paper on how web design affects a site’s ranking, you can order it at SpeedyPaper, an assignment writing platform. To learn more about this service, check out Speedy Paper reviews from other users.

Rhode Island School of Design

The university’s website design has a unique monochromic design. There are a lot of bold white headings. The site is built by using rectangle shapes with solid background colors.

George Washington University

Its website has one of the best features. Along with the attractive blue & white design, the site implies a virtual tour. It has the form of a 3d map with buildings that highlight selected road or construction and shows their names.

Murray State University

The MSU’s website has an excellent layout and color scheme. It combines blue, yellow, and white colors on square blocks that are arranged one by one. Moreover, there are a lot of hover effects that highlight selected items.

Stanford University

Its website has a vibrant design that uses a lot of animations and transition effects. The first block has a fixed visual effect that pins the block while scrolling the page. Moreover, the site adds a piece of content when a user scrolls down to a particular section.

Boston University

Boston University’s website has a full-width on the main page and a set of blocks below. Over the video, there is the main menu. It has a minimal and semi-transparent design. However, when a user clicks on it, the list opens full-screen with a dark background appears.

Clemson University

The university’s website is an example of a bright and attractive website design that catches the first sight of users’ attention. It has a feature-rich design that updates the content according to a selected item.

Concluding Words

A leading-edge website is a combination of attractive design and useful content. Never forget this rule creating a web portal. In case you need to write an essay on how online presence can benefit a college but have poor writing skills, feel free to order a college paper at an assignment writing platform like writingpapersucks.com.