Did you know that there are almost 4 million registered nurses in the United States? In fact, with over 18 million workers employed under its umbrella, the healthcare field is one of the most popular in the country.

While it’s true that there are countless benefits of being a nurse, it isn’t for everyone. There are many traits required of nurses, such as patience, warmth, compassion, and communication. If that doesn’t sound like too much to ask, consider that nurses must project these traits at all times, even in the most stressful and upsetting situations.

Nursing is one of the most demanding jobs there is, but if you have the temperament for it, it’s also one of the most rewarding. We’ve narrowed the list of benefits of becoming a nurse down to the best of the bunch to help you decide if nursing is right for you.

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1. Job Security

Simply put, people will always need hospitals.

Because hospitals will always be a necessity, nurses will too. Not only that, but there is a rather consistent nursing shortage, so finding a job in nursing is easier than it would be in many other professions.

2. Above Average Pay

The median yearly salary in the United States is about $62,000, whereas the median salary among nurses is $65,000 – and that’s without a bachelor’s degree. By furthering your education, you can make even more.

With a bachelor’s degree, you will have the education necessary to advance to an administrative or leadership position.

3. Shorter Work Week

The average workweek is made up of five eight-hour days. But that’s not the case for nurses. Instead, most nurses work longer days, but shorter weeks. For example, you will likely find yourself working 12-hour shifts, but only three days a week.

Although you’ll be at work for longer periods of time, the additional days off will allow you more daylight hours to do whatever you like.

4. Opportunity for Overtime

Getting a boost in your paycheck as a nurse is fairly easy, as many nursing jobs offer opportunities for overtime.

Hospitals never close, so you should be able to pick up an extra shift or two every now and then, should you need a little extra money.

5. Physical Activity

If staying physically active is important to you, nursing could be the right choice for you! As a nurse, you will spend almost the entire day on your feet, either walking around the hospital or standing while dealing with a patient.

You’ll be burning plenty of calories, so as long as you keep your diet in check, you’ll be able to stay in great shape.

6. Take Your Work with You

Should you or your spouse ever need to change locations, finding work in your new city or town should be easy.

There are hospitals, and therefore a need for nurses, everywhere you go. You also shouldn’t have much of an issue transferring your experience and certifications to your new job.

7. High Variety

Unlike most jobs, where you will be seated behind the same desk, doing the same general tasks every day, with nursing, you will never have the same day twice. Furthermore, there are tons of possible areas in which to work as a nurse.

You can work in various different departments of a hospital, a nursing home, a school, the possibilities are virtually endless.

8. Good Benefits

Benefits can make the difference between good pay and excellent pay. As a nurse, you will receive a multitude of them.

Nurses are offered all sorts of great benefits, from paid time off (PTO) to maternity leave, or even free lab work.

9. Opportunity for Advancement

As long as you take your job seriously and prove yourself an asset to your facility, you’ll likely be offered multiple opportunities for advancement throughout your career. While it’s easier to get such offers if you already have the education necessary, many hospitals will help you pay for the additional schooling.

You can even continue working while you’re in school. Many programs, such as those from the healthcare academy, have an online campus, meaning you can take your classes anytime, anywhere.

10. Meet New People

Along with the patients you will meet, you’ll also become well-acquainted with your fellow staff members, many of whom are nurses like you. And because, as we mentioned earlier, it takes a special kind of person to get into nursing, you’ll likely have similar goals and frames of mind.

These similarities, along with the high amount of time you’ll spend with your coworkers, can lead to some amazing friendships.

11. Help Others

You can encompass much of what makes up a nurse’s job with “helping others.” Nurses have more interaction with patients than most others in the medical field. Because of this, patients will remember you and how you made them feel.

If the idea of making a positive difference in the lives of countless other people is appealing to you, nursing could be the right profession.

Do the Benefits of Becoming a Nurse Make it the Right Career for You?

Choosing a career path is one of the biggest decisions you’ll ever make. By taking your time weighing the drawbacks and benefits of becoming a nurse, the decision will be much easier.

If you can, try to shadow a nurse or two in a few different settings so that you can get a realistic idea of what it would be like. Research is an excellent tool, but with a decision of this magnitude, you should get some hands-on experience before making your final choice.

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