Florian Renner is a German graphic designer, working in an agency in Ingolstadt. He works as a freelancer for cg-art as well. This 27 years old artist has won several awards for his stunning artworks.

Q1. Thank you for taking up the interview with us. Could you tell us how did you enter the field in the first place?

Hi TDI, thank you for your request. i am honored. First, i don’t think that i have entered the field in the first place. I am still working to find my own style and i learning step by step to produce different scenes with different tools. At the time i like to combine cinema 4D with photoshop. Cinema4D helps me to start with the setting and find the best perspective before i paint with photoshop.

Q2. Could you describe how your typical day is like?

I work in a graphic and product design office. Most of the time i work with photoshop to compose graphics and Keyvisuals for a “Car concern”. Among others, we design brochures, logos(signs) aso… For Illustrations and graphics i work as an freelancer too. www.monobots.de

Q3. Your works are quite unique and creative, where does your inspiration come from?

I get some good ideas when i sit in my car and hear a good and creative music. Most of the sounds are more melancholic or dreamful like depeche mode and röyksopp. And that is what i want to paint or create. Movies like Blade Runner or artists like Brom, Tod Lockwood are good inspirations for me and influenced me too.

Q4. How much time does it takes for you to finish a piece? And normally what’s your process when creating a piece?

One image takes about 25-30 hours. For the first scetches i paint about 2-3 hours. when i know what i want to create, i model the background or other technical details in cinema 4d. For the Illustration of the Miles Beyond Band-Cover (attached thulsa doom.jpg) for example i modeled the body of the snake and the skulls in cinema4d. Then i painted the character and the head of the snake in photoshop. It takes me very long time to find the best colours i want to have for the image. (For the Cover i made more variations, this jpg is not the final version but i like it much more.

Q5. Thank you again for your time with TDI. To end up, do you have any suggestions for the upcoming artists?

When you paint it’s always good to have a big archive with different photos and textures to see how things looks like in nature. My favourite site for this is: www.cgtextures.com. I often have my digitalcamera near by and photography all what i see.