We are not talking about the important organ of human body, because that would be too boring. Here we are talking about the symbol of the most important and sweet thing of the world – love. Yes, we are talking about the Heart. It’s maybe the best known shape to all of us, because we can see it everywhere. We can now express our love in a more quiet and visible way.

No wonder people are crazy about heart, for it can always bring a sweet and warm feeling to us, just like the following hearts we colleted, hearts found and formed in different places different ways. Feel free to share with us which one is your favorite!

by Sunny

by Monika

by Pwarmuz

by IamHomoSquirrel

by Dappers

by Emaho

by Elizabeth Pyrzowska

by Limpidd

by Alfanhui

by I5prof

by Phoenix Ocean (Left) , WernerSchnellImages (Right)

by Sritamorgan

by Taylor

by Bzykxxl

by Lee

by Naduss

by Dappers

by Limpidd

by VirginiaO

by Sunny

by Xander

by Master Boy (Left) , Hiuki Chan (Right)

by Pamela

by Pandaramic

by Janoid

by Sha-X-doW

by Bryna Lam

by Louisa Hennessy

by Westie4us

by Braid44

by Bu Saif

by Katie Loves Cody

by Evelyn

by Caryndrexl (Left) , Somber (Right)

by Angelo GR