Google Doodles are the modified versions of Google logo used specially for holidays, birthdays of famous people and major events. The Burning Man Festival of 1998 witnessed the birth of the first Google doodle, since then, we would have a little extra surprise besides chocolates and roses on Valentines Day, or a big turkey meal on Thanks Giving day when visited Google.

The designer of these little something has always been Dennis Hwang. Designing a Google doodle is not an easy task. It has to be creative, easy to understand and at the same time maintain its Google style. They are not just logos, they are pieces of art. Check out the doodles for those holidays and see what has changed along the years and how Hwang’s playing with the details.

Chinese New Year

Earth Day : 22nd April

Father’s Day : The Third Sunday of June

Google Birthday : 27th September

Halloween : 31st October

Independence Day : 4th July

Martin Luther Kin Jr. Day : 15th January

Mother’s Day : The Second Sunday in May

New Year : 1st January

Persian New Year : 21st March

St. Patrick’s Day : 17th March

Thanksgiving : The Fourth Thursday in November

Valentine’s Day : 14th February

Dennis Hwang must have headaches from time to time, for he not only has to design doodles for holidays like what we have shown above, but also has to deal with days like Picasso’s holiday or Nobel Prize Award Ceremony. Or can I assume that he really enjoy the process? But we have to admit that he is good at it, because he really captured the spirit of that day or what’s notable about that artist.

You can also check out some of the best Google Doodles we have picked below. See if you can understand what Hwang’s trying to present and other than that, enjoy it!