Disney has recently announced to acquire Marvel Entertainment Inc. for $4 billion by the end of the year. Both companies have approved the transaction, leaving some details remained to confirm. The moment I heard the news, hit discussions had been drawn off by Marvel fans, and Disney fans.

Artists also expressed their feelings on the news. Mickey Mouse is swinging around in Spider Man costume, and Spider Man sighing with Mickey Mouse ears. Just like what these illustrations present, some are celebrating the acquisition, some are quite worried that their beloved Marvel characters may change and lose their charm.

Calm down people! I don’t know if this could really work out in the long term, but at least they are already inspiring fresh and imaginary pieces by creative artists, just like what we are presenting here for you. Forget the news and enjoy it!

Design by Freddy (Left), Replies SLOWLY (Right)

Design by Edu Herrera

Design by Derek Laufman (Left), Emilio J.Lopez (Right)

Design by Chikinrise

Design by Eduardovieira (Left), Danielle Soloud (Right)

Design by CerberusLives

Design by BW-Straybullet (Left), Stunna-K (Right)

Design by Ninjaco

Design by Jeffieb (Left), Alberto J. Silva (Right)

Design by Nyisha Haynes

Design by Edgar Delgado (Left), Daniel Costa Magalhães (Right)

Design by Jonathan Nava

Design by TJ (Left), Charlie Fleed (Right)

Design by Eduardovieira

Design by Tim Wollweber (Left), MatsuoAmon (Right)

Design by Khary Randolph

Design by Beto Chiñas (Left), Robin Goethals (Right)

Design by Diablo2003

Design by Original Monkeyman (Left), Kaladam (Right)

Design by Guillaume

Design by Jose Jalapaneo

Design by Mat (Left), Daniel HDR (Right)

Design by Viya Con Diablo

Design by JoniGodoy