For the pleasure of so many male fighting games players, the publishers have created many female fighters that we love and hate. We love them because of their beauties, their moves, and I hate to admit that, their outfits; We hate them because they just keep laying us down by their kicking and punching. Street Fighter without Chun Li? King of Fighters without Mai Shiranui? No, I can’t imagine that happening.

For the pleasure of you, we have selected here some of the hottest female figthers illustrations from the most popular fighting games. Yes, these artists are showing their love for the characters too. See if your favorite character is on the list!

Street Fighter

Street Fighter is a popular series of fighting games in which you can try to K.O. fighters from across the world with special moves. The game was first released by Capcom in 1987, since then it has gained numerous fans from all around the world. Street Fighter is the home to many characters that we are familiar with, it’s also where many of us nurture our love for fighting games.

Design by Arnold Tsang (Left), Lineart by Hendryzero; Colored by AnggaSatriohadi (Right)

Design by MMT-Akira (Left), Lineart by Joe Ng ; Colored by Adam Vehige (Right)

Design by Yukiko

Design by Omar Dogan (Left), Lineart by Joe Mad; Colored by Fabian Schlaga (Right)

Design by Michael See (Left), Arnold Tsang (Right)

Design by Jeff Axer

Design by Stanley Lau (Left), Simon (Right)

Design by Stanley Lau (Left), Omar Dogan (Right)

Design by Benjamin Ang

Guilty Gear

Among the bunch of 2D fighting games, Guilty Gear is definitely different. It’s special for its anime-style graphics, unusual characters design, unique gameplay and its tribute to rock and heavy metal music. Though many players have complaint about its lack of options and particularly cheap bosses, Guilty Gear remains as a good choice if you are tired of those serious fighting games, especially for those hard metal music lovers.

Design by Shonensan (Left), Corvux Corax (Right)

Design by Nakami Kenryu

Design by Rook Over Here (Left),Lineart by Apathy Inc; Colored by Lightning seal (Right)

Design by Genzoman

Design by Shonensan (Left), Camila Fortuna (Right)

Design by Coey Kuhn

Lineart by Daimida; Colored by Johanna Tamminen

Design by Barbara Salvati (Left), Xavier (Right)

Design by Jurithedreamer

Design by BD

The King of Fighters

Released by SNK Playmore, The King of Fighters is a series of fighting games feature characters from SNK’s previous fighting game series Fetal Fury and Art of Fighting. KOF received instant success after its first release in 1994, since then SNK released a upgrade version every year. The latest game The King of Fighters XII (yes, they have abandoned the way they used to name the game) is expected to be released in this summer.

Design by Fung Kin Chew (Left), Dan (Right)

Design by Fung Kin Chew (Left), Avenperu (Right)

Design by Ja Yeon (Left), Siya (Right)

Design by Kasai (Left), Erina (Right)

Design by Lek Chan (Left), Stanley Lau (Right)

Design by Pupacoli (Left), Lineart by Stanley Lau; Colored by Andrew Hibner (Right)


Developed and published by Namco, Tekken series was originally an arcade game, later fighting game lovers were able to enjoy the kicking and punching on various platforms like PlayStation or XBOX. Tekken is one of the earliest 3D fighting game, it is also popular within the martial arts community for most of the characters’ fighting techniques can be found in real life martial arts.

Design by Ja Yeon

Design by Nessy (Left), Gensoukyoku (Right)

Design by Li Biao

Design by Yassir S.Rasan (Left), Daimida (Right)

Design by Pechan

Design by Ivan Llanos (Left), Nessy (Right)

Design by Larry


Being the second game in the Soul series of fighting games, Soulcalibur broke Namco’s heart for it didn’t enjoy much success when first released, even though the first born child Soul Edge had a strong fanbase. But it soon picked up after it was ported to the Sega Dreamcast with improved graphics and new features, where it became an instant hit. Later Soulcalibur was ranked several times for being one of the “greatest” or “best”, which really made mama Namco proud.

Design by Appleghost (Left), Ja Yeon (Right)

Design by Sarah (Left), Xuexueyuehua (Right)

Design by Yassir S.Rasan

Design by DarkZeben (Left), Devon Cady Lee (Right)

Lineart by KatiBu; Colored by Kristine(Left), Daniel Orce (Right)

Design by ChiamHarkem

Design by Stanley Lau (Left), Admira Wijaya (Right)

Lineart by Harvey; Colored by Johanna Tamminen (Left), Darkened Sakura (Right)

Design by Ningyee7